Richmond High School

School Data Assignment

Richmond, Indiana

What is the population of the community?

The population of Richmond is 36,345

What is the per capita income? Median family income?

Per capita income of Richmond is $19,849.

The median family income of Richmond in 2008-2012 is $32,863.

What percent of citizens over 25 are high school graduates? College graduates?

79.5% of citizens over 25 have graduated high school.

17.2% of citizens over 25 have graduated college.

What other information from this resource would you like to document?

Persons below poverty level in Richmond, 2008-2012: 26.7%

Note that Indiana Poverty level is 14.7%

Population (base on 2010 data):

White alone 83.9%

Black: 8.6%

Two or more races: 4.0%

Hispanic or Latino: 4.1%

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Richmond High School

Name of the school where you will student teach

Richmond High School

Your school’s mission statement and/or goals

"Richmond Community Schools guides students on pathways of learning to a future of limitless possibilities."

Title I School

Richmond High is a Title I school. Title I is the largest federal aid program for secondary and elementary schools. This program tries to counteract the effects of poverty on education by allocating funds to schools with high percentage of children from low-income families.

Student population

At Richmond High School there are 1, 526 students.

Enrollment by race/ethnicity

Amer Ind/Alaskan: 6 students

Asian/ Pacific Islander: 21 students

Black: 144 students

Hispanic: 43 students

White: 1,143 students

Two or More Races: 169 students

Student to teacher ratio

The student to teacher ratio is 15.90 (16) to 1

What percentage of the students are eligible to receive free lunch? Reduced?

51% or (785) of students are eligible for free lunch

10% or (151) of students are eligible for reduced-priced lunch

What is the average per-pupil expenditure in your school district?

The average per-pupil expenditure in Richmond is $11,283.

How do teacher salaries compare with the rest of the state?

High average minimum teacher salary: 33,646 (Richmond) vs. 24,000 (State)

Lower average maximum salary: 66,772 (Richmond) vs. 87, 602 (State)

High School: What percentage of students pass the math ECA? language arts ECA? How do these test scores compare with the state?


64.8% Richmond High School pass their Math ECA while Indiana pass rate for Math ECA is 68.8%.

Language Arts:

72% of Richmond High School pass their Language Arts ECA while Indiana pass rate for Language Arts ECA is 75%.

How many students were suspended for the most recent year given? Expelled?

At Richmond High School 170 students were suspended and 25 students were expelled.

What is the attendance rate of your school?

93% Attendance Rate

What is the graduation rate of your school district?

86.6 % graduation rate

Is there any other information from this resource that you would like to document?

1) Expulsions/Suspensions as a result of drugs, weapons, or alcohol was 17

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Richmond High School - 2009 State Fair Band Day