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The Pre-K 2 Class Newsletter

Project: Bugs on Our Playground

Week One--Phase One

The Beginnings of Something Great

After Sammy and I returned from the Summer Institute on the Project Approach at St Ambrose University we considered the children's interests and what might make a good first topic of study. Since a majority of the children spend at least a portion of their time out on the playground looking for bugs or finding them in the midst of play we thought this would be a good direction to go in.

Tuesday morning, after the long Labor Day weekend, I introduced the kids to our first project by bringing in a cicada (sadly deceased) I found one morning on my walk in to Little Angels. I started by giving them clues as to what kind of bug I had hiding in the cup. It has six legs . . . wings . . . and makes a really loud sound. Immediately Evan's hand shot up in the air as he shouted, "A cicada!" The carpet was brimming with excitement as the kids leaned in for a closer look. To my surprise, no one seemed at all squeamish about the alien-looking creature before them. They all were hooked!

While we were on the carpet, we talked about how all bugs have six legs. Joey shared the thought that centipedes have LOTS of legs but they are bugs. This may be a good topic of research--what is a bug?

These pictures where taken on a digital microscope at the Discovery Table in the classroom. Great job!

We found a cicada!

While out on the playground Wednesday morning, Katie happened to look down and spot a cicada crawling through the wood chips. She bravely lifted it into the Port-a-Bug so the kids could have a closer look.

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After years of digging up a mysterious bug on the playground the kids named a "grumpy bug", the true identity has been found! You can learn a lot sitting around our breakfast table!