Richmond County

Located in the Piedmont of North Carolina

Fun Facts!

Richmond County was founded in 1779. The county was named after Charles Lennox, Third Duke of Richmond. He was an Englishman, yet he was on the American Colonists' side during the Revolutionary War. In 1778 he began a debate which stated that British troops should leave America.

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The County Board of Commissioners consists of seven members, who are elected at-large, meaning not within their districts. Each member serves a four year term. However, the terms of office are spread out, so that on even-numbered election years four members are elected, then three more members are elected on the next even-numbered election year, which would be two years later. The Board of Commissioners is responsible for appointing the County Manager. G. Richard Sago is the current County Manager. Some of his duties are to make the county budget and to recommend and create new programs and policies.

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Neighboring Counties

The counties surrounding Richmond are: Montgomery, to the north; to the northeast, Moore; Scotland, to the southeast; and Anson to the west.
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The City of Rockingham

This is the county seat of Richmond County, where the local government is headquartered.

Rockingham's Government

There are six members on the City Council. Steven Morris is the Mayor of Rockingham and the City Manager is Monty R. Crump. Mr. Crump works to oversee all other city departments and helps in preparing the city's annual budget. Mayor Steven Morris and the City Council are pictured to the right.

What is Rockingham known for?

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