Prostate Cancer

Lindsey Mark, Cam Nottingham, Hayden Vining, Tristen Martin

Reason For Choosing Prostate Cancer

We chose Prostate Cancer because Cam's grandfather and Hayden's step-father had prostate cancer.

Definition of Prostate Cancer

  • A malignant tumor in the prostate
  • Up to 80% of males will get cancer cells in their prostate by the age of 80
  • It's the second leading cause of death in men
  • In some patients, Prostate Cancer can be life threatening, but in many others it can exist for years without causing any health promblems
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Causes and Symptoms

  • The cause of prostate cancer is when some cells in your prostate become abnormal. These mutations cause the cells to divide and grow quicker
  • The symptoms of prostate cancer are difficulty initiating or stopping a urine stream, frequent urination, pain on urination, and pain on ejaculation

Detection and Diagnosis

  • There are several ways to detect prostate cancer
  • The two main methods are ultrasound or a MRI, but the only test that can fully confirm prostate cancer is a biopsy


This is a medication for prostate and is to be considered to be an alternative or natural remedies for Prostate Cancer

Facts about Prostate

  • Prostate cancer isn't dangerous if it stays in the prostate
  • in 2012, 177,489 men were diagnosed with Prostate Cancer
  • African Americans are mostly likely to get it, followed by Asians, followed by Caucasians, Hispanics, and lastly Native American
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