Eleanor Roosevelt

By: Diane Vik, Amina Aslam

Meet Eleanor Roosevelt

Eleanor Roosevelt has overcome many challenges, and was a role model for all women. She stood out in politics as the first lady usually stayed in the back and changed the first lady's role in society. Eleanor Roosevelt has faced many challenges yet she has found a solution every time and hasn't quit once, but has found a way to overcome each problem.

Problems Eleanor Roosevelt Faced

  • Gender inequality
  • Women's Rights- In many places women still are not treated equally in the workplace and during voting.
  • Civil Rights
  • Racial inequality- In most states there are still racial conflicts.

Eleanor Roosevelt Facing her Problems

First, Eleanor has overcome Civil Rights by quitting the daughters of the american revolution because they did not let a African american singer sing at the Constitution Hall, and later hired her to sing at the White House. Secondly, Eleanor overcame the problem with gender inequality and women's rights by working for the league of Women voters, speaking out about women's issues

How These Problems Still Exist Today

Gender inequality is still a huge problem in modern society. For example, most women work more hours than men, yet are paid way less. Secondly, women's voting rights is still a problem, because in many third world countries women's rights are cut more than men's rights; they are not allowed to vote and do many other things. Lastly, there is still lots of racial discrimination and illegal immigration. Civil rights is a huge problem.

Solutions to These Problems

First of all, for gender inequality, both genders could both get an equal pay, for there is no reason that men should get more pay than women. Secondly, just as Eleanor Roosevelt stood out in politics and made sure that everyone could vote, women should stand out and fight for voting and equal rights.
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