Marilyn Monroe

The story of her life

In the beginning

Marilyn was born Norma Jean Mortensen in 1926. In 1945 at the age of 19 she was recognized by David Conover of the US Army Air Forces. He encouraged her to apply with The Blue Book Modeling Agency. She signed with the agency and bleached her hair blonde when she heard they were looking for women with lighter hair. She became on of Blue Books most successful models and was featured in many magazines.

Expanding career

In 1952 she made her first appearance on the cover of Life Magazine, where she was described as "The Talk of Hollywood". Stanislavski taught her acting lessons, but these people gave him ideas to give to Marilyn, so that she can become an actress. Also in the same year four films that Marilyn appeared in were released. Her fame became international in 1954 and she continued making films all the way through 1962.

Top Films

After Death

Monroe died in 1962 from an overdose in what appeared to be a suicide. Many books have been written about her. Up to this day she is very well known and looked up to by many people, not only for her beauty but by her confidence in who she was as an individual. She had many "quotes" that are used today.