What do you think about apple?

What is a sweatshop?

a factory or workshop, especially in the clothing industry, where manual workers are employed at very low wages for long hours and under poor conditions.

What is the name of my company?

The name of my company is Apple.

Where are these sweatshops located?

The majority of Apple's sweatshops are located in Kunming, China.

What products are made in Apple's sweatshops?

Mostly just iPhone's, iPad's, iPod's. About anything made by Apple Inc.


The workers have to work long hours without a break, grueling deadlines, and abusive management.

Did the company respond to accusations that they use sweatshops?

Yes, because they have removed unlawful child labor. They have also improved their green profile by exspanding its recycling program, and steadily removing toxic chimacals from its products and manufacturing processes. They has been the first Tech company to join the Fair Labor Assosiation. Also the have been working on reducing overtime hours, improved pay, safety and working conditions. Yes they still use sweatshops but they are better than they were before.

How did the Industrial Revolution affect working conditons today?

The Industrial Revolution affected working conditions today by giving more people to have an opportunity to have a good job and get payed more fairly than back in the old days. Also working conditions now are a whole lot better then the old days because there is a lot less child labor and safer working conditions, reduced overtime hours and improved pay.

What solutions/alternatives are there to sweatshops?

The workers are paid much more than most other workers in the country, and their working conditions are much better.

What did I learned?

Well me myself, I have learned that sweatshops can somtimes be good and sometimes be bad in some cases, it just depends what they involve and what is included in the sweatshops.

As an American consumer, am I now more concerned with how the products that I buy are made?

Well yes and no, it depends on the product that I buy.