England vs. Spain

And the Spanish Armada (1585-1604)

Summery of the war

The war between England and Spain in 1585-1604 was a fight over religion and piracy. The war is mainly recognized for the Spanish Armada. The rulers at the time were King Philip II of Spain and Queen Elizabeth of England. The war was intended to rid England of the Protestant religion, remove Queen Elizabeth's involvement in the Spanish Netherlands, and to stop England's piracy in the Americas and other trading routs.

What lead to the war

Against common belief Elizabeth I didn't marry her deceased sisters late husband, Prince Philip II of Spain. As well England had broken with the church. While Spain was a firm believer of the Roman Catholic belief. Elizabeth I also supported the Protestant nobles rebellion in the Netherlands against Spain.


Key Figures in the English and Spanish war.

How the war ended

As the Spanish Armada sailed down the coast of England they were bombarded by guns from land. Then as they rested off Calais, France, England sent burning ships towards the Spanish fleet. They fled from them, and the disorganized fleet, completely out of formation, was attacked off Gravelines and easily forced back. This was the deciding battle between Spain and England which destroyed the "Invincible Armada".

Anglo-Spanish war time line

1585: War between England and Spain starts right after Elizabeth I beheads her sister Mary who was a catholic.

1587: English are victorious in many major battles in Cadiz.

1588: English defeat the Spanish armada in the battle of Gravelines.

1590: Spain starts to arm up ships better so they can protect their treasury fleets importing silver from their colonies.

1594: Nine years war starts in Ireland with a rebellion against the English, setting them back.

1595: Captain John Hawkins and Sir Francis Drake die.

1596: A triple alliance was signed by England, the Dutch and France.

1598: King of Spain Philip II dies and his successor Philip III takes the throne with less determination of keeping up with the war.

1601: Last Spanish Fleet with around 7,000 troops on board head up north to Ireland to support Irish rebels cause to break away from England. But when Spain came over they were instantly put onto a siege by the English in the town of Kinsale, which they lost and surrendered then went back home.

1603: Irish surrender to England in the nine year war against them. \

1603: Queen Elizabeth I dies and was succeed by King James I.

1604: Treaty of London is signed by King James of England and King Philip III of spain to end the Anglo-Spanish war.


Treaty of London Document: It is a declaration of peace between England and Spain during the end of the Anglo-Spanish war, signed by King James of England and King Philip III of Spain in 1604. It was written to end the Anglo-Spanish war against England and Spain which lasted 19 years. It is a declaration of peace between the two nations England and Spain. (It was also pretty much a compromise between both nations.)