Conserving Water In Your Household

save water before its to late

Ecological Footprint.

Ecological footprint. what is it? Its is how much you harm the environment. Now, the more you harm the environment the bigger your "Ecological footprint" will get. If your the type of person that has thrown a rapper on the ground or a wasted a piece of paper your ecological footprint is a ideal size. Further more if your a person that owns a business that has hundreds of stores open in places were there "was" wild life then your ecological footprint is way BIGGER.

Why is it important for us to save water?

Not gonna beat around the bush, if u don't have fresh water you'll die in matter of a few days, know point of sugar coating when its plain and straight forward. Another good reason to save water is it'll save you money. By using less water you'll pay less and that-ll put money in your pocket. Further more it will not only save your life, and put money in your pocket, if you use less water its better for the more endangered species while doing that, it will also be saving energy.

Ways to conserve water on a daily bases.

Real easy ways to save water can be done on a day to day bases. what are those ways? well for starters, turning off the tap when your brushing you teeth can be a big help. when brushing just off the tap, then open when needed. Another way to save a lot of water is to take shorter showers. And I use to take long showers to, so I know. But to save the amount of existing water we have to cut down on our long showers. Other ways are just by filling up a jug of water and drink from there rather then fill up a cup and only take a short 3 to 4 sips and then throw the water down the drain.These little things can make a big difference!
Water Conservation Animation Competition 2012/2013: Haig Girls' School