The Animal Rescue League

By Sa'ad Farah, Simar Shah, Arya Trivedi

Mission Statement

The Animal Rescue League's mission is to provide temporary food, shelter, and care for abandoned animals. As well as finding a new home for them and new owners.

What is the Issue/Cause That Your Charity Supports?

The Animal Rescue League Shelter & Wildlife Center exists for the sole purpose of caring for injured, lost, or stray animals and to find them a new home with a loving owner. It is one of the many animal shelters in the world that rescue and care for animals without selling or breeding them. In fact, a total of 500 individuals have chosen to help rescue animals by joining the League’s staff( This proves how successful the League is at helping animals find a new home and owner. Many people agree that animal rescue shelters make an impact on animals, as the author of the book “Charities in Action”, Liz Gogerly, states, “Charities care for all kinds of animals all over the world.”(page 10)

Not only does the Animal Rescue League care for and shelter wild or stray animals, they also find them a home. This is mostly for the animal’s cause, but it can also be beneficial for the person taking the animal home, as he or she could get lonely and want a companion to live with them. Even though the League sends away many animals to new caretakers, there are still many that are left behind. The Anthrozoos organization is trying to expand on that: “Elucidating exactly what factors influence visitors' perceptions of, and behavior towards, sheltered dogs may further our understanding as to why so many animals are overlooked for purchase every year.”(page 12) Overall, the Animal Rescue League Shelter & Wildlife Center helps unite people with animals and make sure that animal happiness lasts “fur-ever.”

How Did the Organization Begin and Grow Into What it is Now?

The organisation has shown much growth since it first started. The organization was formed in 1909 by a group who cared for animal welfare public health. They helped lost cats and dogs, and returned them to their owners. They first opened a shelter in May 1910 in lower Denniston Avenue. There, they began to care for the wild and stray animals in the region.

The League has also had many difficulties in the duration of the time that they were formed. World War One put the League in a difficult spot. Also, the spread of Rabies caused many problems. Lastly World War Two and the great depression. By the end of 1910 the league only revenues $2,103. But the primary revenue in 2013 was $4,256,796(charity navigator), which shows how much the league has grown.

What Does Your Charity Do for the Community?

The Animal Rescue League and Wildlife Center is a charity that helps animals find new owners, and also helps aid them with any injuries, illnesses, and more. On their website, it states, “We are the only shelter in the region that takes in and cares for both wild and companion animals.” On their website, it also states that the Center cares for sick and injured animals, which is helpful to many animals. This shelter is the only one in its region that helps and cares for animals, making this a great charity.

The League supports many animals in many different ways. It rehabilitates wild animals found in Pennsylvania that were harmed by other animals or humans. This aids the animals and

guides them to their survival. The Animal Rescue League finds loving and permanent owners for their animals to live happily with. The League makes many contributions to help animals and host many fundraising events to raise money for their charity.

How Effective Is Your Charity at Accomplishing its Goals?

Over the years, The Animal Rescue League has accomplished many of its goals. It is a very effective charity for animals for many reasons. One being, it has reached its goal for finding 5000 homes for adopted animals. This charity also treats and cares for 3000 animals a year( The League is very successful and saves a lot of animals. Overall, it is a very helpful charity for animals.

According to the Charity Navigator, the Animal Rescue League has received high ratings for its successfulness. It has a prominent four out of four star rating. Thirdly, it has contributed 92.3%($2,907,090) to the community. 72.5%($3,154,475), (charity navigator) of their total expenses go to improving their program, to help more animals in need.This shows that the League uses most of their funds for the animals’ cause, portraying their selfless demeanor by helping and finding homes for lonely animals.

Call to Action

Call to Action

The Animal Rescue League & Wildlife Center is a very selfless league, and has helped many animals. For more information on how it has helped the society, click here for the website link. To read an online pamphlet about the League with more inside intel, click here. Learn more about the Animal Rescue League and provide for the animals in need.

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