Second Year

Beginning of my Second Year

WOW! What a difference a year makes. I am now in my fourth week of my second year of teaching and it is 100 times better! I can't believe how much different it is than last year!! I finally know what I'm doing and know what I should be doing at the beginning of the year and can I say I am much happier than I was pretty much all of last year. Last year was so much of a stresser on me and now that I know better I feel so much less stressed. It is still stressful being a teacher because there are a million things you have to do but it's better when you know what to expect.

The beginning of the school year is always hard because you are meeting new kids, you are learning their names, learning about their lives, but then you also have to do about 10 different assessments because you have to do baseline assessments and see where all the kids are so that you know how you can help them. There was so much on my plate but wow was I kind of impressing myself with how "on top" of it I was with all of it. I kind of thought that I was forgetting stuff because I got stuff done when it was supposed to be done instead of waiting until last minute like last year. I have it all on my calendar and know exactly when to do what. I am on top of the one hundred million emails that come my way each day and on top of all the assessments that need to be done, and that data is inputted where it needs to be! I just remember last year, my principal or assistant principal would have to call me to remind me to input data or get an assessment done and (cross your fingers) so far, none of that! Now, I'm not saying I'm perfect because by no means am I but I'm doing well. (Now, I know since I said this my principal or assistant principal will read this and find something tomorrow that I didn't do yet. HAHA!)

Anyways, lots of people have been asking how my second year of teaching is going and here it is: WAYYYYYY BETTER THAN LAST YEAR!!!! I love getting to know my class instead of being more worried about what I haven't gotten done yet. I love getting to know the people around me more because I'm not running around like a chicken with my head cut off. I am actually helping others stay on top of things. Obviously, there is still WAY more to learn but I'm above water this year, not far ;) But I'll keep you updated!

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Growth Mindset

This is an anchor chart that I made for my students today that I wanted to share on here because it is so true. We can't just give up; we have to question ourselves to make ourselves better. So as I continue into my second year, I'm going to try to remember to change my words so I can change my mindset because I CAN DO THIS!