Of Mice & Men

The American Dream...The Great Depression... John Steinbeck

Maggie Sullivan & Logan Sudholz

The American Dream

The American Dream was first used by the historian James Truslow Adams in his book, The Epic of America. He published his book in 1931, mid depression era. The term of The American Dream became a highly discussed topic in America after T.C Boyle and other authors published books, touching on the theme of The American Dream.

The American Dream has become a term used to describe the American way of life. Although many Americans interpret it differently, a widespread idea of The American Dream is connected to becoming rich and being able to achieve anything that you put the effort into. Many believe we, Americans, need to work together to achieve The American Dream.

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The Great Depression

The Great Depression began after the huge stock market crash of October 1929. Wall Street went into panic and millions of investors were wiped out. The Great Depression hit it's lowest point in 1933 and between 13 and 15 million Americans were unemployed and around half of the country's bank had failed.

California had been going through a decade of economic prosperity, until The Great Depression. During the thirties, many banks and business's shut down and thousands of individual investors and depositors lost everything. Lots of owners of property lost their homes and farms, and unemployment is California had reached 28% in 1932, and two years after that, about one fifth of Californians were dependent on public relief systems.

John Steinbeck

John Steinbeck, born February 27th, 1902, wrote twenty seven books in his lifetime, before he died on the 20th of December, in 1968. One of John's most famous works is Of Mice and Men, written in 1937. Of Mice and Men is a story of two Californians, living during the Great Depression, trying to own their own ranch.

John Steinbeck incorporated several themes into his works, such as; the nature of loneliness, man's prosperity for cruelty, powerlessness and economic injustices, the nature of dreams, the uncertainty of the future, and more. Of Mice and Men incorporates the theme of what it means to be human. I hope that wasn't a spoiler...