Achievement in Online Instruction

Benefits of Online Instruction in Student Success

Have you wondered how a student can achieve academically without sitting in a classroom? Online Instruction, sometimes referred to as Distance Learning, continues to gain popularity. In a study performed at Missouri Western State University, researchers found that successful distance learning students reported more positive feelings about their scholastic competence before or within the first week of class. Students with high confidence may be accurate judges of their own ability and feel more comfortable with self-directed learning.

Researchers at Park University found that time, technology, initiative, and competence are the four key factors that relate to online learner success. The traditional F2F school will not go away; however, online instruction is a significant competitor in today’s educational community.

Online instruction has been immensely beneficial to students enrolled in courses through Georgia Virtual School. The following data represent the success rate of students who are enrolled in EOCT and AP courses with Georgia Virtual School vs. students enrolled in Georgia public schools.

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