4th Grade News

Miss Holden and Miss Seltzer's Classes

Academic Conversations to have at Home

Math: We will be reviewing properties of geometric figures and working with input output tables. During station time, students will begin the Geometry Town project where they have to plan a small city incorporating several geometric shapes like pentagons or parallel lines.

Science: We are reviewing our knowledge of weather maps and symbols by creating a weather forecast. Students will first label all of the United States with the State name, abbreviation and capitol city. Then, they will create a weather forecast and present it to the class.

Reading: Ask your student about the book they are reading. What is the most important part? How do they know? What is the story mostly about? What problems have occurred so far in their story?

Writing: We are working on persuasive writing this week. Have your student persuade you anytime they ask for something!


  • If your student is coming home with failing spelling or editing tests, they can correct them test for a 70.
  • Don't forget about scholastic orders. Our classroom code is PJZPP


  • Character Trait for May: Growth Mindset: understanding that intelligence can be developed.

Field Day

We are so grateful for all these wonderful students! What an amazing school year we have had.
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Reading Week

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Homework Help (just for extra practice)

Here are some links to some extra practice games and worksheets that would be a good review at any time.

Common Core sheets: I pull lots of math homework from this website, just pick the topic that you would like to work on and choose an assignment.


Math Playground: This link takes you to an addition, subtraction, multiplication and division baseball review game. (Some kids do really well working with games like these, some kids need their own hard copy of flash cards to learn their facts well. See what works best in your family!)


XL Math is another great site for any Math topic. This link will take you to a decimals review that is perfect for what we are learning this week.


Spelling: https://www.spellingcity.com/MorrisJen/

Editing: http://www.educationworld.com/a_lesson/archives/edit.shtml

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Owl Projects

We finished our presentations. I am so proud of how hard our kids worked on the projects and were able to present their research to their peers. It always amazes me what these kids can figure out and create when we put technology in their hands. Here are a few screen shots of the slides they created.