Teach Me All About it!!!

Nonfiction Flyers using Smore for 4th and 5th grade

What is Smore?

Today we are going to be using a website called Smore to create nonfiction presentations. We are going to be picking a nonfiction topic that we can write all about. The program we are going to use is called Smore. Smore is an online resource, that allows us to create presentations, flyers, newsletters, lesson plans, digital resumes, and digital portfolios. Actually you can use Smore for just about anything that you can think of. However we are using them to create a nonfiction presentation.

The Essential Question

Think about it!!!!

As good writers we always want to keep in mind what makes writing worth reading and what makes a good book. These are two driving forces when writing no matter where we are doing this writing. If you are here in the computer lab what would make your writing worth reading. Remember there are about 200 4th and 5th graders who are going to be working on this project over the next three weeks. That means I am going to have to read all of these flyers and presentations...what makes your worth reading? What makes your writing good writing? What makes yours the best?

As you are deciding on your topic and coming up with your topic to teach me about keep in mind these three essential questions

  • What makes writing worth reading?
  • What makes a great presentation?
  • How can we enhance communication?
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How do we use Smore?


  1. Open up your internet browser (safari or google chrome)
  2. type in the web address Smore.com
  3. click log in
  4. use the user name and password on the board
  5. click on start a new flyer
  6. pick the type of flyer you are creating. I would go with news Bulletin
  7. start filling in the text boxes by following all of the directions.


Turn and Talk

What are nonfiction topics you can teach me about?

Some suggestions are...

  • butterflies
  • dogs
  • dolphins
  • cats
  • penguins
  • elephants
  • monkeys

There are hundreds of them...you just have to find the one that is right for you!!!!