The House Of The Scorpion

By Nancy Farmer

Summary Of The Novel

The House Of The Scorpion is a dark and twisted yet hopeful story about a young clone named Matt under the control of a drug lord. This drug lord happens to be the man from whom Matt was cloned, El Patron. Matt was created by the Alacrán state simply to keep El Patron alive. El Patron is 142 and he is known as the vampire of the dreamland but enough about him, if you read the book you will learn all about his selfish life. Meanwhile, Matt's early years are peaceful. He lives in a small house far in the poppy fields with Celia his caretaker. Celia is one of the very few people that love Matt for who he is. But when Matt is taken to the Big House his life takes a dark turn. He faces a never-ending series of terrifying situations. Matt has been imprisoned, threatened of death, illness, all before the age of fourteen! He makes all of Four friends while at the Big House, Tam Lin his well trusted bodyguard, Maria his girlfriend, Mr. Ortega his music teacher, and Daff Donald his other bodyguard. Although Matt's life at the big house is dangerous, the people closet people to him always secretly find a way to protect him. Eventually to escape death, Matt runs away to Aztlan (Mexico). After going through more painful situations Matt has finally seeked freedom or has he?

Tam Lin

Tam Lin is a body guard of El Patron assigned to protect Matt's life even when he is expected not too. As time passes he devolves a friendship with Matt and takes him on important journeys that has thought Matt useful information. Tam Lin knows all

El Patron's secrets. Tam Lin has accidentally killed twenty children in his past but he is truly not a bad person. In the book, Tam Lin finds a final punishment to set the guilt straight, for what he has done.


The story is set in the country of opium which is called the "Dreamland". Most of the main events happen in the Big House, home of El Patron. Main events also occur in Aztlan (now called Mexico). The overall setting is very dark and disturbed.

Book Reviews

amazing book

"i was very slow to come by this book, because it just did not seem like my type of book. I finally pick it up, and realize that i can not put it down. This book was incredible. the violence was a little bit rough at times, but it is nothing that an eleven or twelve year old could not handle. There was almost no language, and the romance was extremely mild. over all this book was amazing"

you will be wowed at how near flawless it is

"I normally never read but we were assigned it freshman year (im now a junior) i was completely blown away. But to savor and understand the details you should at least be 13... anyone under might not get it. But really after all the brilliance in the book you won't care. It's a MASTERPIECE."


The House Of The Scorpion is an incredible story and in every chapter there's something new and unpredictable which makes it an amazing book to read. I would recommend this book because it's simply a mind expanding read that will get the reader mentally and emotionally attached. The novel will grab the reader's attention and make them crave more but want to savor every last word. Theres no doubt, The House Of The Scorpion is a must read for anyone who likes or dislikes books.