ECHS Class of 2024


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COMING SOON: ACC ECHS Enrollment Applications & High School Programs Orientation

Within the next few weeks, students will be filling out ACC ECHS enrollment applications and completing the high school programs orientation.

Students will need their Social Security Numbers (please remind them to keep this private). If they do not have a Social Security number, please reach out to Mrs. Holmes so she can begin the process of obtaining and Alternate ID#.

Parent Updates

Tuesday October 6th Future Readiness Seminars

6-7:15 pm via Zoom

Second Step with Rachelle Finch &

“Reimagining Education: Helping Your Student Navigate Their Learning”

Learn strategies for keeping up with your own student's learning in order to understand their mastery of course and grade level content, as well as how we can empower our own students to navigate their learning in our new environment.