The Silver Scoop

April 27- May 1

Last Week's Learning

We had a wonderful day for the walkathon last Friday. The students had fun walking with fourth graders from Brentwood. Many, many thanks to the families who donated money and for those who volunteered on the day of the walkathon. It was a great success!
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Upcoming Events

Please don't forget to turn the pink data sheet and the orange transportation sheet to school this week. Both of these were sent home with your child last week and will be used to prepare class lists for next year.

Our spring field trip to the Indiana State Museum and the Statehouse is this Wednesday. Students need to bring a sack lunch with a drink in a disposable container and wear comfortable walking shoes. We have about 15 parents signed up to chaperone! That's wonderful! I will find out if we are going to the museum or the statehouse first and will send home more information for chaperones as soon as I get it from Mr. Van Paris, our coordinator.

We are not ISTEP testing this week, and, besides the field trip, we should have a pretty normal week! Our ISTEP tests are scheduled for May 5, 6, 7, 8, and 11. Please try to limit absences on these days so that students don't miss our testing sessions. All testing will be done on the computer, and each day we will test for 1-2 hours. The students will be tested on Mathematics, English/Language Arts, and Science.

This week's special schedule:

Monday--Music, Tuesday--Art, Wednesday--Gym, Thursday--Computer Lab, Friday--Library

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Reading Goal Update

As you know, the students have a goal to read 50 pages per week. For this quarter, the students should have 250 pages so far. Pierce and Avery Graham are leading the way this time. Pierce has already read 2,609 pages, and Avery has read 1,096 pages. Way to go, boys! Rylea, Lauren, Brayden, Alexis, Zoey, Tyler Cochran, Elyse, Sawyer, Ella C, and Andy have also read 250 or more pages so far this quarter. Aiden and Ella S. are not too far behind. The pages will be tabulated at the end of the quarter, so it's not too late to READ! Please ask your child to update you on his/her pages, or let me know if you have questions or concerns.

Our big end-of-year reading prize is coming up in about a month. There will be a pizza party on one of the last days of school for any student who has earned 100 AR points this year. Right now the attendees to this party will be Pierce (310 points), Avery S. (141 points), Tyler Cochran (129 points), Andy (103 points), and Sawyer (101 points). Alexis and Rylea should make it too since they are each at 95 points. It will be a fun time to celebrate these top readers, and it's not too late to READ and earn points to attend!

What We Are Studying This Week

DOL/Journal -- This week the students will do Week #13 of Daily Paragraph Editing. There will be a quiz over one of these paragraphs on Friday. The students will also write at least one page in their journals, and this is due Friday, too.

STARS Club -- Please check with your child about his/her STARS Club novel.

Math -- On Monday we will take the last S'math Smarties test, which we will review later in the week. We also have a practice ISTEP packet that we're going to review using the classroom responders. In the book, we are going to do Lessons 13-6 and 13-7 over equivalent fractions/decimals and decimal place value. There will be homework on Monday and Thursday for sure, and possibly on Tuesday.

Science -- We will finish reading science leveled readers on Monday. On Tuesday, the students will make a study guide over Unit 5. On Friday, there will be a test over this unit. Actually, the test is only over Lesson 1 because that is all we have studied so far, and it is the "meat" of the unit. The students may have homework on Tuesday to finish the study guide.

Word Work -- We are on List #30 on words with prefixes. We will practice the words all week, and then there will be a test on Friday. The students need to know the spellings of the 10 words, the meanings of the prefixes, and the spellings of the 5 core words. This Week's Words: supermarket, superhuman, displease, dishonest, preview, prehistoric, semicircle, semiprecious, unicycle, unicorn. Core Words: experience, tomorrow, community, popular, president.

Reading -- If you have questions about your child's reading class, please contact his/her reading teacher.

Language -- We will continue to work on our autobiography timeline writing, as time permits. We have postponed this a little bit due to changes in our schedule for ISTEP. This week we will also review the English/Language Arts Acuity tests the students have taken this year to review important skills before ISTEP Part 2 begins.

Social Studies -- This week we should have time to read the picture book Nothing Here But Trees about a family that moves to Ohio during pioneer times. They must clear their land, build a house, plant crops, and get to know their neighbors. This is a perfect companion for what we've learned in our textbook. There may be a social studies assignment sometime this week.

This Week's Cartoon

I promise we won't lose anyone on the field trip this week!
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Mrs. Kara Silver

4th Grade Teacher

Clarks Creek Elementary

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