Joey burress

When :September 13, 1994. Where: Topeka, KS.

Bottler of a lemonade

This drink used to come only in tap.But now it is a bottle. The drink is called Two Dogs. I think I heard of this drink, but I don't remember. The drink is now brewed under license. The people that made the Two Dogs are Duncan MacGillvary, and David Pahl. There agent decided that instead of selling the drink for 3.6 per cent, raised it to 4.2 per cent. The alcohol level increased due to suspended yeast in the original brew being less bitter and more sweet. It is a great drink for dog-day afternoon. 25,000 to 30,000 cases a month will be brewed at Patritti Wines in Adelaide, and then bottled and packaged at Coopers. Expressions of interest in Two Dogs have come from the United Kingdom, Singapore, Italy and France and 100 cases from the first bottling have been sent on trial to Hong Kong.


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Hell of a holiday offers a real blast

A Tokyo travel company company is offering travellers the ultimate holiday in hell - a trip to North Korea, with terrorists as the tour guides. The tour, called Fall in Pyongyang, promises to show people "the true face of North Korea" - an international pariah state ruled by a Stalinist dictator suspected of building nuclear weapons, where starvation, arbitrary execution and concentration camps are said to be widespread. There was a guy named Mr. Shibata who was the one that was organizing the whole travel plan. He was also one of the hijackers. Mr Shibata was a member of one of the world's most dreaded terrorist gangs, the Japanese Red Army Faction, which caused international outrage in the early 1970s with a series of bombings, assassinations and hijackings. In 1970 nine members of the gang known as the Yodo squad hijacked a Japan Airlines Boeing 727 bound from Fukuoka to Tokyo. They forced the pilot to fly to the South Korean capital of Seoul where they unloaded the passengers. Mr. Shibata which is now in his 40's was caught sneaking into Japan on a forged passport. He was sentenced to 5 years for the hijacking. He campaigned to drop all the charges for the other 6 hijackers.


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