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Fall Sports

Come check out the Kenilworth athletes in action! Currently Girls Basketball and Cross Country are in full swing.

Click here for the school calendar.

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Inappropriate behavior at Safeway, Chunky's, Starbucks

Some of our students are acting quite rude and disrespectful in these establishments and we need your help! The school is not in a position to supervise these areas off of campus.

The community of proprietors at the Safeway shopping center is requesting your/our support in educating students about appropriate consumer behaviors. Unfortunately, some students have not been respectful to employees when they have been asked to clean up after themselves and to use appropriate language while in their establishments or just outside. Some have even gone so far as to cause some minor property damage. At Kenilworth, through our life skills lessons, we will review appropriate public behaviors, but students will also need reminders from home as well. If your student frequents the Safeway shopping center, please talk with them about proper consumer behaviors. Thank you for your support!

We STRONGLY recommend you do NOT allow your child to "hang out" unsupervised at Starbucks, Safeway, the Leghorn Marketplace stores, or the Leghorn Park before or after school.

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Student Safety and Traffic

Please help us keep our students safe! Follow all motor vehicle rules, be patient and observant, and remember that student safety is all of our responsibility. Students at this age tend to walk in groups, be busy in conversation or with engrossed in their phones, may not be paying attention, and sometimes make poor choices! Help us keep them safe.
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Math Department Notes

Dear Kenilworth Families,

At this point all students should be able to access their math books at by signing in with google. Please remind your student that their book is available through a website so they can access it from any device or computer with internet access. If you student is having any trouble accessing the textbook have them double check that they are using the correct URL. We encourage you to explore your child's math book to see all the resources they have available to them through their ebooks. They have access to etools, which allows our 8th students access to Algebra tiles (an integral part of our equation solving practice), and our 7th grade students access to probability tools and integer tiles, which we are using now. The students also have access to homework help on all homework problems through the ebook. We encourage students to use this tool as it is stated, merely for help. Please keep an eye on your student and make sure that this is being used as a tool to check work or to help them get started, not as a means to copy answers. This will not help them on tests and quizzes in class if they are using homework help in an inappropriate way. As we are finishing up the first grading period remember to use the parent portal as a regular tool to check in on the progress of your student in their classes and encourage them to speak with their teachers about any assignments or topics they have questions about.


The Kenilworth Math Department

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Attendance Matters!

September is Attendance Awareness Month! When students increase their attendance, they improve their chances of academic success. Did you know...

  • That missing just two school days a month means you are missing 10% of the school year, the equivalent of missing an entire month of school?

  • During the 2018-19 school year, Petaluma City Schools (PCS) lost over $700,000 due to declining attendance throughout grades TK-12.

  • These losses directly affect programs at each school.

  • At PCS, our top reasons for absences are for short-term vacations and days missed for appointments, not for student illness.

  • The District gets funding for any portion of a day a student is in attendance, so please try to start and/or end your day at school if at all possible!

We appreciate all of our families hard work and efforts to keep students coming to school every day! We are striving to raise our attendance even higher this year and we know we can do it!

To find out more, read the attached flyer or visit our Why Attendance Matters page.
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Upcoming Events

  • Monday, 9/23 - End of the 1st Grading Period
  • Wednesday, 9/25 - Make up Picture Day (more information below)
  • Thursday, 9/26 - Girls Basketball @ Kenilworth
  • Thursday, 9/26 - Cross Country @ Tech Middle School
  • Tuesday, 10/1 - Girls Basketball @ Windsor
  • Wednesday, 10/2 - Kona Ice
  • Thursday, 10/3 - Girls Basketball @ Slater
  • Thursday, 10/3 - Cross Country @ Kenilworth

Click here for the school calendar.

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Buy Your Yearbook Today!

Purchase your child’s yearbook and make junior high memories last forever!

Price: $45 until 12/21/19 - $50 thereafter

Ways to buy:

  1. go to

  2. go to the KJHS website and click on the Yearbook link

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