Malala Yousafzai

BY Viridiana Camarillo and Paul Zuniga


(She is alive) and she is currently 18 years old!


She spend time with her dad,One day though,she heard men talking about people taking away girls education.She was really worried and men with guns thretened teachers if they teach girls,they would be punished.Plus woman couldn't leave the house without a man.Malala didnt go to school. At 11 years old she dicided to speak about girls education.One by one the girl schools were being knocked down and Malala's school was next until at 11 years old she spoke up.


Her education was poorly but that didnt stop her from learning so her dad thought her math,sience,and more at her house so she was homeschooled most of her life,


Her parents were very supportive and her dad loved her very much and before the bad men attacked,Malala would tell her mom everything she learned in school.She had 2 brothers named,Khushal yousafzai and Atal Yousafzai


When she was little she wanted to be a doctor but now she is focused on politics.


Some of her acomplishments are being the youngest person to win the nobal peace prize,and the sakharov prize and more!


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She was shot by a man at 14 years old.but as soon as she recovered she continued speakig out for girls edducation.some of her qoutes are “I tell me story,not because it is unique but because it is not.It is the story of many girls.”

“ They can shoot a body but they cannot shoot my dreams”

“I don't mind if i have to sit on the floor at school.All i want is education and i'm afraid of no one.”

“One teacher,one child,one book,one pen can change the world

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