Brita Filter

Safe Drinking Water


The Brita filter removes zinc, chlorine, copper and mercury. These are very harmful thing to consume. All of these things can cause nausea and vomiting, can cause liver damage leaves bad odor and bad taste, and can lead kidney damage. The Brita filter removes with a method called adsorption. If you wondering what is adsorption is the clumping of particle to a surface. That is the science behind the filter

Effects Of The Tech On Water

The filter basically takes all away all harmful chemicals and particle in the water to make it safe to drink. By using B.P.A safe materials. It can make almost any tap water safe to drink. It is also simple and easy plus safe to use for any age. You simply just put your Brita filter in your Brita filter jug and but your normal tap water in and it will do the rest.
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Effects Of Tech For Humans

It allow peolple to have safe and a fordable water using the Brita filter. Almost everyone can setup. Plus its much cheaper way to drink water. Rather than buying water bottle every month. It does not use any electric or gas. It can save you a lot of time and expense every year. Plus you only have to change your Brita filter every 2 months


Surprisingly all there is to the filter is a carbon filter and a plastic casing

Effects Of The Tech On The Environment

The bad thing is that the Brita filter is mostly made out of plastic. And as you know plastic is not biodegradable. So its not very good in the landfills. But you could also re melt the plastic, but all that smoke from melting leaves very dangerous chemicals in the air. And that not good for the environment. All that smoke makes bad gas witch can travel in the atmosphere and lead to more global warming, witch is really really bad for the environment.

Long Term Effects

Well if you don't replace the filter every 2 months over time it will stop filtering out everything. It might leave harmful things in the water. The bad chemicals in the water might cause liver damage, and kidney damage and in extreme cases maybe death.


-Brita was founded by a German company in 1966 by Heinz Hankmmer

-Brita filters are used in more than 60 country's

-The main facility's are in UK and Switzerland

-Brita is actually partnered with Clorox

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