Band Buzz May 22, 2022

Falcon Band and Color Guard

From the Booster President

Dear Falcon Band and Color Guard Parents,

I was overwhelmed at the concert last week to receive my gift from you all! Your generosity is beyond words. I have so many wonderful memories of my years with the band. Here is a reflection on all the roles I have played:

· Helped with the Half-time Action Team for the games and contests when I was available.

· Served a few game meals and chaperoned a few games and contests.

· Helped to fill up water jugs in the stands at a few games.

· Signed up for tasks at different events such as Rockathon, band banquet, winter/spring concerts, etc.

· Part of the Bites at the Lake committee, soliciting donations from area businesses for the silent auction.

· Financial Audit Committee.

· Game Drinks Chair—we no longer have this committee!

· Plume brigade which was a nice change from hauling around heavy coolers!

· 2nd VP communications.

· Popsicle posse.

· Nominating committee hoping to find someone to fill all the open positions, and I ended up as the president!

As Game Drinks chair, I calculated that the band went through 5,000+ water bottles in a season and now we don’t provide single-use plastic water bottles for the students anymore! As part of the popsicle posse, I got to interact with the students and see their smiling and appreciative faces.

My advice to all parents is to start small and get involved. We all play a part, whether the job is big or small. We need you, your kids notice, and they appreciate you. Best of luck next year and I hope to be able to attend a game or two next year to see the new show!


Ruth Soisson, Outgoing FBBC President

Next FBBC Meeting

Please join us for a ZOOM meeting on Sunday, June 12th at 7:00 pm to vote on the budget for next year. We will need a quorum in order to do this. All incoming committee chairs are required to attend.

Save These Dates

May 23, 24 – Grad Band Rehearsal (1 pm)

May 25 – CLHS Graduation (8 pm)

May 31- June 3 Marching camp for Percussion (8am-3pm)

May 31- Leadership work day from (1-5:30)

Lake Exchange Students Looking for Sponsors

I'm Kristy McAuliffe with the local exchange program - PAX Program of Academic Exchange.

I reached out to you a while back about some high school exchange students that wanted to participate in marching band for the 2022-23 school year.

I hadn't heard from any of your parents who might be interested in hosting a student.

As the school year comes to an end and summer band camp will be starting soon, I wanted to reach out again to see if you'd be willing to send out a message to the band booster club asking if any of the band parents would be interested in hosting an exchange student next year who would like to participate in a marching band program.

I've found that band exchange students are most successful with families that understand the rigorous and time-consuming practice and performance schedule.

Would you be willing to send these students' info and some info about the program to your band booster club to see if anyone would be interested in hosting one of these awesome students?

If anyone is interested, feel free to have them contact me directly. Thank you again for all your help in getting the word out about these students.

Students come with full medical insurance, are vaccinated for COVID, and have money to pay all band fees, other school fees, personal toiletries, cell phone plan, and outings with friends.

Host families are asked to provide a loving home, 3 meals a day, and a place to sleep. Students can share a bedroom with a same-sex sibling within 4 years of age.

Here are some students arriving this summer and attending school for the 2022-23 school year.

Juri-Levin, age 16, male, from Germany

Interests: Playing saxophone and piano, water polo, reading, Student Council

Juri-Levin loves to experience new things. He can’t wait to compare the differences between German and American cultures and schools. He describes himself as open-minded, helpful, and happy. His favorite subject is math, and he’s a member of student council. He loves to help others and serving in this capacity allows him to help improve his school. His role model is Stephen Hawking as he was able to overcome his own physical limitations to make great contributions to the world.

Pat, age 16, female, from Thailand

Interests: Classical Concerts/Music, Writing, Watching TV/Videos, Band, Voice, ice skating, anime, cooking

Pat is in the marching band at her high school in Thailand and is hoping to participate in marching band during her exchange year. She plays the flute, violin, guitar, and piano. She also likes to sing. She would like to make some Thai dishes for her host family. She also likes to play volleyball with her family for fun and would like to learn to ice skate. She has a cat and would enjoy being placed with a family that has pets.

Laida, age 16, female, from Spain

Interests: Playing Musical Instrument: clarinet, Swimming, Ballet, Horseback Riding, Reading, Drama Club, Guitar, Dance, Painting,

Laida is very close to her family, especially her grandmother with whom she loves playing music. She plays the clarinet and the piano. She describes herself as an outgoing person who makes friends easily. She already went on a short exchange to Ireland so she knows what is expected from an exchange student. She is interested in studying humanities or psychology in college. She also loves horses and takes riding lessons.

Nita, age 16, female, from Thailand

Interests: Jogging, Camping, Playing Musical Instrument(s), A Cappella Group, String Ensemble, Band, Flute, Piano

Nita plays the flute and piano. She describes herself as mature, talkative, and funny. She wants to study music, business, or design in college. She is close to her parents and enjoys spending time with them shopping or watching movies together. She also helps her mom with learning English. She’s also helpful around the house and doesn’t mind doing household chores. She doesn’t have pets but wouldn’t mind if her host family has pets. She enjoys camping and likes to try new foods.

Alba, age 16, female, from Spain

Interests: Badminton, Playing Musical Instrument(s), Flute, Band, Basketball, Hiking/Backpacking, Piano

Alba attends a music school and plays the flute and piano. Music is her passion and loves playing her instruments and would also like to learn to play others. She is in 2 bands in her home country. Her favorite subjects are history and English. Her dream job would be teaching Spanish in the U.S. or other country. Alba loves all animals, especially dogs and cats.

Kristy McAuliffe

Community Coordinator
PAX-Program of Academic Exchange

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