Project Planning

Step by Step Guide

Step 1: Project Goals

  • The first step is to identify the stakeholders in your project. The stakeholders of the project is not easy to identify.
  • Some examples of stakeholders are: The project sponsor, the customer who receives the deliverable, the users of the project outputs, the project manager and project team.

Step 2: Project Deliverable

  • Create a list of things the project needs to deliver in order to meet your goals. Specify when and how each item must be delivered. Add the deliverable to the project plan with an estimated delivery date.
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Step 3: Project Schedule

  • You need to create a list of tasks that need to be done for your project. For example: the amount of time required to complete the task and the resource who will carryout the task.
  • A common problem is when your sponsor has imposed a delivery deadline that is not realistic based on your estimates. If this happens you must contact your sponsor ASAP.
  • Here are your options in this situation: Renegotiate the deadline, employ additional resources, and reduce the scope of the project.

Step 4: Supporting Plans

This step deals with plans you should create as part of the planing process.

  • Human Resource Plan: Identify the individuals and organisations with a leading role in the project.
  • Communications Plan: Create a document showing who needs to be kept informed about the project and how they will receive the information.
  • Risk Management Plan: Identify as many risks to your project as possible, and be prepared if something bad happens.