Merry Christmas!

2013 Maxwell Moments

This year brought some memorable moments!

  • Ryan and Lacey got engaged in April. They will be getting married on October 18, 2014. We are so excited to have her as a daughter-in-law!
  • A sweet but rambunctious yellow lab named Molly joined our family in April.
  • Lacey graduated from Iowa State University in May with a degree in adult, family and child services. She is working as lead teacher for two year old's at Eagle's Loft Early Learning Center in Ames.
  • We took a vacation in June to western Nebraska to see dear friends and then to Estes Park, Colorado for some relaxation in the mountains.
  • In July we helped Ryan and Lacey move to a duplex in Roland, Iowa. It is a very nice place which they have made very warm and homey.
  • In October I had the privilege to go wedding dress shopping with Lacey, her mom and her sister. It was so much fun watching her find the perfect dress!
  • Ryan continues to love his work at Peterson Farms near Gilbert. We knew from when he was a toddler that he would farm - he has that true passion for the land that all farmers possess.
  • Dallas and I continue our work for Iowa State University and Griswold Schools.

Our door is always open - please stop and visit! Have a joyous holiday season!

Love, Dallas, Gail, Ryan and Lacey