Virtual School

Begins September 8, 2020

General Information

We have composed a full list of students who have chosen Virtual School. If for any reason you change your mind between now and Friday (Sept. 4th), please reach out to the student's counselor as it will factor into the student's schedule.

7th Grade Counselor: Mrs. Sherley -

8th Grade Counselor: Mrs. Simon -

Each 9-weeks families will have the ability to change their learning option. The end of the first 9weeks is October 9th.

Core Classes

Mon/Wed/Fri - Asynchronous

Tues/Thurs - Synchronous

Elective Classes

All Asynchronous with office hours to be schedule by the teacher

Spanish I

Spanish I is a high school credit. Therefore, though it is an elective, students in Spanish I will zoom with Mr. Castillo during their scheduled class on Tues/Thurs.


We have created a new link on each teacher's Canvas home page for attendance. It is pictured below for your reference. Each day, for each class, the student must click on the link and fill out the form for an Attendance Check-In. If a student does not sign in to a particular course, they will be counted absent in that course for the day.
Big picture

Late Work

If a student completes an assignment after the due date, they will need to send their teacher an email letting them know. This will signal to the teacher to go into an old assignment to get it graded.
Big picture

Student Schedules

Schedules will be changed over the weekend to prevent complications in Canvas this week. However, the student's schedule will follow the Synchronous periods above. The blank spaces will be filled with elective classes, which are all Asynchronous.

Virtual School - Synchronous Schedule (Printable)

BBJH Bell Schedule (On-Campus Learning)