Second Grade Rock Stars

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Our Highlights: What We've Been Rockin' At!

This week we learned more about poetry and constructed our shape poems. A shape poem (or a concrete poem) is a poems that is made in the shape of whatever the poem is about. We started making shape poems about plane and solid shapes and then about whatever we wanted to. For instance, Ava made a poems about a flower in the shape of a flower and William made a poem about smell of food and had designed it in the shape it was traveling towards the person's nose. I'm excited to see how the creativity sparks further regarding shape poems. I have included an example of a shape poem near the bottom of the newsletter.

In math we are learning about shapes. We were manipulating shapes by putting them together and making new shapes. When we took two equal triangles and stuck them together, the students found so many different ways they could create a new shape out of them. Minds were blown for most students when they explored and made the two triangles into a rectangle, a rhombus, a parallelogram, and two different bigger triangles. I challenged students further when asking them, "Are the new shapes we made all the same size?" It sparked quite a debate and a great class discussion on perimeter and area! We, in the end, decided that if we were looking at the perimeter then the shapes were pretty much all different sizes, but if we were looking at area, then the shapes were are the same sizes because we had used the same two triangles to create all of them.

I know this was an extremely hard week for most families by having half days. I immensely appreciate all of your extra added effort this week with your family and the change in the school schedule. The students were also great with the change in our schedule in the classroom. We all know that a huge change the schedule can be and how confusing it can be, but they were such rock stars and transitioned through the week flawlessly.

I would also like to thank the chaperones that went on the Field Trip to B Street Theatre! Thank you for making it so successful! Thanks also to Cynthia and Cindy for sharing the pictures that are featured throughout this newsletter!

Rockin' and Rollin' into Next Week!

Math: Shapes and their attributes, fractions

Classroom Economy: Keeping track of your money using a ledger, budget

Reading: Rhythm, tone, and then biography characteristics

Writing: Poetry: Ode, Poetry Slam in Class to End Unit (then biographies are next)

Grammar: Glossary Skills, reflexive pronouns

Conventions: Contraction Apostrophes

Social Studies: People that Made a Difference

Spelling: ai words (tail, brain)

Life Trait: 7 Habits to a Happy Kid: #4 Think Win-Win (Everybody can win! I think about what everyone wants and not just what I want. I am kind to others and think of ways to help others be happy.)

Next on tour: Upcoming Events

  • 2/3- Scholastic Book Orders Due (get them in by 5:00!)
  • 2/3- NWEA begins
  • 2/5- Free Homework Zone begins at North Natomas Library for Students 3:30-5:30pm See attached flyers below.
  • 2/6- Parents Go To School Night 5:15-7:30pm DP Campus
  • 2/7- In Class Poetry Slam (Reading Workshop canceled)
  • 2/7- Pizza Party for our class at lunch for Olympic Triathalon goal met!
  • 2/8- My Princess and Me Dance 5:45pm NP3 Gym
  • 2/10- Coffee and Dessert Social 6:00pm DP Campus
  • 2/10- WAVE Meeting 6:30pm DP Campus
  • 2/13- WCS Board Meeting PW Campus
  • 2/13- WCS Science Fair PW Campus
  • 2/14- Twin Day
  • 2/15-2/23- No School

Example of a shape poem

Question of the Week

What is the perimeter of the rectangle below?

Answer in a full and complete sentence and SHOW YOUR WORK!

*Challenge (For an extra day on the computer) Besides find the perimeter of the rectangle, find the are of the rectangle? (Hint- you can draw lines to divide it up/array it!)

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