Employee Engagement Survey

Spring and Fall - 2015 - Survey Results/Analysis

Dallas Operations Only

Employee Engagement Index

Below is the results on the employee engagement index.

The employee engagement index has increased from 72% to 79%. The disengagement index has remained constant at 14%.

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Action Plan Awareness

The next area on the survey is the action plan awareness. This will be one of the focus areas for operations. While we have the data, we want to use it to making improvements.

My goal is for 100% awareness of the follow up (ie action plans) in regards to the survey.

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Engagement Drivers


Empowerment: "My manager gives me feedback that helps me improve my performance"

Effectiveness: "The tools and resources provided allow me to be as productive as possible"

Collaboration: "I think that the cooperation between teams and entities is going well"

Learning: "Learning and development opportunities help me build valuable skills"

Diversity: "I feel this organization values diversity"

Wellbeing: "My organization actively looks after the well being of its employee"

Below are the scores for the various questions.

For the first 6 months, we will focus on collaboration. This will be the foundation for our action plans going forward. We will use this a starting point on the (2) surveys in 2016.

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Customer Service

The final question focus on the customers. Do we continuously seek better ways to serve our customers?

As you can see from the results, we have increased this from under 80% to over 80%. Thank you for your assistance with this and we will continue to drive it.

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Next Steps (Action Plan)

The first area that we look at as we work on the action plan is Collaboration. We will have a short meeting after the next branch meeting.

Until then, please review the following questions.

- How well does operations work with other teams?

- What could operations do to improve the way it relates/cooperates with other teams?

- Do we encourage cooperation with other teams?

We want to take the next steps and look at solutions.

- How can we improve?

- What do you suggest?

The second area that we will look at is looking for better ways to serve our customers.

If you have any ideas before we meet, please send them to myself, Jerry or Robert. We will track each of them and get back with you.

In conclusion

As you can see, we have good results from the surveys. I appreciate you taking the time answer the questions and I look forward to your assistance as we look at collaboration and improvements that we can make in serving our customers.

Thank you,