VCR Lesson 10

Alex Reinhart, Block 4B

The queen pointed to her shining __________, successfully emphasizing her superior position to the rude peasant before her.
What happend when Elsa throws away her Crown
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n. A crown or headband worn as a sign of authority

Roots: DIA <G. "through"; DEIN <G. "to bind"

no other forms :(

Synonyms: crown, tiara, coronet, circlet

Antonyms: baseball cap, paper bag

Choose the incorrect use of the word "diadem":

A. The little boys and girls cut out paper diadems so that they could dress up as kings and queens.

B. Upon winning the position of prom queen, Cady Heron causes an intense emotional reaction from her audience by breaking the rewarded diadem into several pieces.

C. The melodramatic prince screamed in agony when he lost his diadem, for he wouldn't look royal enough to woo a princess without it.

D. The diadem ordered her servant to clean the halls before guests began to arrive to the palace.