Recognizing You!

Global Support Operations November 2014

Let's Give a Round of Applause to November Spotlight Award Recipients!

Kelly Doyle

With Kelly’s knowledge and partnership building skills, he exemplifies the Credo and has taken on the ownership of Global TMG Offline work in order to reduce and eliminate the unnecessary volume. He has reached out to build relationships with partnering groups, driving ownership and accountability for unnecessary offline work back to the owning centers. Kelly is taking the necessary steps to ensuring teams are appropriately trained on Adhoc reporting in order to coach, maintain and minimize the Global Team’s offline work and help centers to maintain ownership of their own tickets. Kelly lives the Credo and continues to provide continued process improvement.

Nominated by: Jacquie Campbell & Tom Miller

Ramil Maiso

Aside from being an expert in Compliance Audit, Ramil has been known to be Mr. Wizard Blitz and Mr. Verizon Bucks supporting Novaliches site. He coordinated with the local center's recognition lead to create a process in the administration of the Verizon Store which has made the agents, supervisors and support teams engaged and has resulted to high ERP, Rep Resolve, and acceptable AHT from the center. He has also initiated center partnership to emphasize utilization of Self-Help websites for customer’s usage. On top of his deliverables, he has still had time to help other specialists in their initiatives and center launches. Ramil is truly a mirror of teamwork, collaboration, and support

Nominated by: Dennis Villegas

Richard Marquez

Rick has been extremely valuable and instrumental in the work with the Tijuana team on the SMG process and has improved customer communication by cutting the customer notification time in half. He improved closure and resolution time of dispatch tickets in the outage buckets and organized the work to gain efficiencies.He has built the necessary relationships for the escalation process with the MCO and TDNOC. He aligned the follow up processes to be much more efficient as well and he is working to improve the handling process on non-common cause outages. Rick lives the Verizon credo in everything he does.
Nominated by: Jacquie Campbell & Tom Miller

Vincent Martinez

Vincent has always made sure that he is available when needed. He has taken the word “partnership” to the next level and provided excellent assistance with tool enhancements. His expertise in coding and writing flows, we were able to lay out and update the ICW flows on the onboarding (Order Status and Get Connected) process. This also helped increase productivity but also drove better customer education and satisfaction by being able to resolve previously broken promises. Vincent definitely deserves being a candidate for this month’s recognition

Nominated by: Dennis Villegas

Keith McAndrew

Keith has been a critical leader in delivering improved Service and Sales performance for our external customers. Working with his team, he has established a new RM rigor from daily and weekly meetings with each partner to review staffing lines, training, OT as well as his rigor on the weather DR planning and prep. As a result, GSO team delivered above our locked forecast in both Tech and Service with most recently Service : % Handled SL October 115% 68% Additionally, weekend service level improved to ~65-70% for Saturdays and ~60-65% on Sundays while still delivering above 100% of the commitment. For Columbus day, the partners delivered 75% S/L and 118% calls handled. In October, the RM requested our team to deliver a stretch target of 10% above lock commitment. Keith and his team have delivered to this revised request. We also received positive feedback on these GSO RM rigor processes from Paul Cunningham and team.

GSO Leaders,

Nominated by: Tim Riordan

Albert J Watson

AJ has demonstrated great leadership skills as well as exemplary drive and ownership on the Offline movement of work into the Tijuana center. AJ took the lead on the project to bring the TMG/SMG & BOS/ORG functions into the Tijuana center as well as look for opportunities to improve the current process work functions. He has reached out to build relationships with partnering groups that can better assist the customer with Sales and SRD issues. He is also working on aligning refresher training for handling order related issues with the front line agents. Within weeks the team has made significant changes and reduced the volume of this work. AJ’s knowledge and passion for his work shows in the improvements and the results the team is demonstrating.

Nominated by: Jacquie Campbell & Tom Miller

Coming to you from: GSO Employee Development Team - Employee Engagement