Planning a Funeral

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Do your loved ones know your final wishes?

While none of us particularly enjoys thinking about it, we all need to know where we stand in regards to our final wishes. Some considerations that need to be made include:

Do you want to be buried or Cremated?

Do you have a burial plot purchased?

How are your loved ones going to cover the expenses that your death with incur.

Decisions like these might seem basic, but they will help ease the burden on your loved ones at one of the toughest times of their lives.

Planning your funeral

While your funeral is not an event that you will attend in person, it is an event that can be personalized so that it is unique to you. Funeral arrangements that are important to consider include:

What time of day should your funeral take place?

Do you want your funeral to be an expression of your religious beliefs?

What passages of holy text would you like delivered at your funeral?

What music/poetry/images or other forms of expression do you want at your funeral?

Do you want a eulogy to be delivered and by whom?

Do you want friends or family to be involved in the service and in what ways?

To which charity can people make donations in your name?

Do you have any funeral traditions that those outside of your culture might not assume you wish to have as a part of your funeral?

When to prepare your funeral

It is important that your make your decisions and express your wishes sooner rather than later. Your loved ones will be much more able to honor your wishes of you make them known before it becomes necessary to put them into action. Even in this small way your preparation will help your family and friends grieve and remember your life in a healthy positive way.

Your funeral is about you, there is no right or wrong.

Funerals can be as simple or as extravagant as you want them to be. You are able to choose how you are remembered, helping those closest to you remember the best of you, and help ease the pain of your loved ones by giving them to tools to easily honor your wishes. A funeral does not have to be limited by economic limitations. The value is found in the memories and joys that are created during this time.

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