Scribes and Tutors

4th and 6th Grade Students Need your help!

During School: Scribes Needed!

A 4th grade student needs your handwriting skills to help with homework. She will give you the answers and you write down what she tell you.

This would be done during school, your recess time and study hall time, to be coordinated with Mrs. Knuth.

After School: Tutors Needed!

A 6th grade student needs help with 6th grade Science. This would be done after school until 3:30-ish PM. This could work for those of you who have sports after school that start at 4 PM, or those of you who do not have sports. The 6th grader needs help with Science worksheets and perhaps reading the tests to her.

This is done after school in Room 204. Days to be coordinated with Mrs. Jacobsen.

The more NJHS students who can help, the better! We can have a rotating schedule so more can do it, but less often.

You all have been very blessed with good work and study habits and good grades. This is an opportunity to help others in need!

Please contact Mrs. Jacobsen, or sign up by Room 204 by Wednesday, October 31st, so we can get a schedule out to you, the 4th and 6th grade students and their teachers.


See Mrs. Jacobsen or sign up by Room 204 by Wednesday, Oct. 31!

We can get this started for 2nd Quarter! Thank you!