Fashion Passion

style is a lifestyle


Fashion Passion is a community where fashion lovers unite and belong to a world full of acceptance and fondness. There are multiple daily advantages of being a Nista. Nistas experience a lifestyle that has no limits.

(Citizens of Fashion Passion are called Nistas because fashioNISTAS.)

When entering Fashion Passion, immigrants will go through an "immigration station." After the completion of the process, newcomers will become fully licensed citizens. Each citizen of Fashion Passion will receive an Identification Card. This ID is a substantial living standard of Fashion Passion. A new citizen's ID will have a discount percentage that applies to all things sold in the stores and boutiques in the F.P. borders. Every Nista starts at a discount of 5%. As a Nista's life progresses in our community, and they demonstrate their good citizenship; for example community service, volunteering, accordance with laws, and overall good lifestyle, Nistas will earn gradual discount increases on their ID. ANYONE caught using a stolen or fake ID will be banished from our community. Committing any crime will cause the Nista to have a decrease in their discount. The decreasing rate of the discount will depend on the crime and how unlawful the crime was. If a Nista continues to commit crimes and/or commits an extremely unlawful crime, the Nista will not receive any discounts at all or he/she will have to pay more than full price. The owners of Fashion Passion do not want the city to be anything but loving. These crimes are NOT tolerated.

Fashion Passion is located in eastern Milan, one of the fashion capitals of the world! Come enjoy foreign food and amazing sights. While you take a tour of Fashion Passion, discover and explore different styles to help develop your lifestyle. The goal of Fashion Passion is to create a well rounded community where members are loving and caring towards one another, while receiving extraordinary discounted clothing.

Reason for Existence

The reason for Fashion Passion is to have an escape from reality, where so many horrible things occur everyday! Fashion Passion is based on community and creating a loving environment where people may flourish and share their passion for fashion.

Community Members

Are you interested in Fashion Passion? Let's see if you fit the bill!

-Are you a lover of discounted goods?

-Are you a fellow lover of fashion?

-Are you looking for a loving community?

-Are you trying to escape the reality of the world?

-Do you want to visit Milan and tour the city?

If so, come take a tour at Fashion Passion and see for yourself the amazing deals waiting for you! At fashion Passion where style is a lifestyle

American Dreams and Novels

The ideas of the American Dream is expressed all throughout Fashion Passion. Once a Nista displays achievement of this ideal, he/she will be rewarded with a discount increase. Having the ability to earn this reward emphasizes the attainment of success. The main advantage of Fashion Passion focuses on the idea of hard work and determination, which is based on the American Dream. All Nistas have equal opportunities. All citizens are able to qualify for jobs and they are given a great opportunity to take advantage of our discounts. In F.P., everybody is socially equal. Every Nista has the opportunity to express themselves through their style, and no one should be criticized by their unique style. Freedom of speech is permitted in Fashion Passion, but positive remarks are encouraged.

The dystopian society in The Hunger Games contains a few similarities with our utopia. The capital of Panem contains citizens that have extraordinary tastes in fashion. In Fashion Passion, our society accepts styles similar to theirs. Our societies are very different. The society in the movie is categorized into different groups called districts. In Fashion Passion, there is no intended categorization. Panem is run by a dictator, while F.P. is run by its two owners. In Panem, each district produces goods to provide for the nation's needs, but F.P. runs on the goods that are produced by Nista owned companies.

Comparison to Fahrenheit 451

The dystopia in Fahrenheit 451 restricts the citizens from returning to old techniques. The citizens are not permitted to possess books and they may not ask questions in school hours. This limits them from acquiring knowledge. In Fashion Passion, our citizens may use the tactics from the past and from the present. Our citizens are not limited like the citizens in the dystopia. The two societies do not have much in common. Our utopia may have similar technologies like the parlors in the near future. F.P. will also contain people who have personalities similar to Clarisse or have similar character traits as her. Our society cannot have too many tasteless personalities like in much of Fahrenheit 451.


DIscounted IDs have a maximum discount amount. NO ONE can exceed the discount limit of 90%.

Owners have authority to ban anyone from Fashion Passion, excluding other owners.

Once a member has been banned from Fashion Passion, access will be denied for one year, or until proven worthy

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