Eating Healthy with Italian Cuisine

Eating and Cooking Healthy Foods for a Healthy Lifestyle

My Goal for the Personal Project

My initial goal was to create an online cookbook website/blog with healthy vegetarian Italian recipes for everyone to use. I also wanted to learn how to cook healthier in general, so I researched tips and techniques.

I chose this idea because it was an opportunity for me to create a healthy and balanced lifestyle and I want to spread the message that everyone should as well.

Process Journal Entries

My Process Journal

This is the link to my full process journal for the personal project.


Now that my Personal Project is approved, I started to do some research on books and websites that can help me with this project. So far I have found different recipes that are healthy. Here are the websites I have searched on:

Also, I have started a small blog/website where I will soon be able to add the tips and recipes I have learned. Here it is:

There is not much on it yet, but I plan to start cooking soon!


In the last three days, I had asked my parents, aunts and friends to check out my food blog and give me some feedback. So the feed back I got in general is that I am on the right track. I should choose a variety of recipes though, from breakfast meals to soups for appetizers. I have done some research on this for my future recipes. Also they said that I should make my pictures more appealing, so basically edit and photoshop them. I will try doing that by learning how. I did make some minor changes to the format though. Anyways, I am hoping to make at least 2 dishes in the next two weeks because of March Break. Until then!


I have created a new goal and purpose to my project as well. Here it is:

Create a full meal for my family once I have learnt a variety of Italian dishes.

This way I can make the dishes with improvements and cook for my family as well.


This weekend my aunt, uncle and cousins came over for dinner. So my mom said I should make one of my dishes that I have already made for them. So I chose Ricotta Frittata because all the ingredients (eggs, basil and ricotta cheese) were already at home. I think I made it better the first time though! But my aunt and uncle tried it and they said it tasted good because they love the taste of basil and eggs. So I think it was a good idea to practice making this dish again. I also am planning to make Mini Quiche soon because it is one of my favourite dishes so far and it is easy!

FRIDAY, 11 JULY 2014

These are the resources I have used to find healthy cooking tips for my website. They are really simple and helpful ways to eat more healthy.


I have used some of these tips myself. They keep the flavour and taste of a dish but with the extra benefit of healthy eating.


I was researching traditional Italian dishes I could use for my final goal, to create a whole meal for my family. I found a great site that explains all the dishes and servings with actual things I could make. I learned that Italian dinner meals start with the Antipasto (the appetizers, usually a small portion of salads or bruschetta). Then comes the Primo (the first main dish, typically it would be rice or gnocchi). Next is Secondo (this is just a dish with meat or fish, so I will be skipping it). Also there is the Contorno (seasoned vegetables that go with either the Primo or Secondo). Finally comes the Dolce (which is a sweet dessert to complete the meal). Here is the website that I got the information from:


Today is the day I will be going about my Final Goal: to create a healthy italian meal for my family of 4 for lunch. I have done a lot of research regarding what types of dishes are served in each meal,how many sides there are, etc. So for the Primo I will be making something I have already made before: Milestone Inspired Sphaghetti. For the Antipasto: Sauteed Mushroom Bruschetta. For the Contorno: Patate al Forno (Baked Potato).

After I am done the goal, I will post images in my journal and on my blog. I will also officially start my Personal Project Report.


I have now added the images of my final personal project goal. I have made these meals as healthy as possible using the tips and techniques I have researched and learned. These many techniques have been posted to my blog. I will also make an entry about them. Now I have to focus on the Know Your Food Section of my blog where I research the health benefits of simple ingredients. And I have to work on my report and final presentation.

My Project


I cooked many dishes for my project. I used many blogs, websites, cookbooks and t.v. shows to find these recipes and I researched ways to create a healthier recipe. These dishes include:

  • Marinara Sauce
  • Baked Ziti
  • Ricotta Frittata
  • Chocolate Biscotti
  • Mozarella and Tomato Panini
  • Mini Quiche
  • Pizza Dough
  • Panzarotti
  • Cheese Lasagna
  • and Tomato/ Basil Sphaghetti

I uploaded many pictures to accompany my recipe blog.....


I learned that there are many ways to transform your recipe to change the taste and health factor. Here are some of the many cooking tips I applied to the recipes to make them more nutricious.

  • Cook with less oil: We all use virgin olive oil and canola oil because its heart-healthy. But they still contain a lot of calories so use oil wisely.
  • Reduce the amount of salt: Sodium intake should be below 2,300 mg per day, so try use freshly chopped herbs or fresh lemon juice to keep the taste in your meals.
  • Use whole grains: Use whole grain flour when it comes to baking, it provides a high fibre intake.
  • Use egg whites: Using the egg whites instead of the whole egg will reduce the calorie intake.
  • Do not overcook vegetables: Overcooking will take out all the great vitamins and minerals found in the vegetables.
  • Do not overcook garlic: This is the same as overcooking vegetables, it will take out the benefits of garlic. These benefits are reducing cancer and heart risks.
  • Use lower-fat dairy products: It's a simple way to reduce dairy fats intake.


I had even started to create a KNOW YOUR FOOD section to my blog. I wanted to learned the health benefits of common ingredients in my recipes and then I had decided to add this to my project and my blog as well. I started off with ingredients such as Eggs, Spinach and Oregano. I learned more about other ingredients in my free time as well.


My final goal was to cook an entire dinner meal of healthy Italian food for my family of 4. I had done intensive research on the certain meals that it contains (appetizers, sides, main meal and desserts). I had research common and classic recipes as well and tried to add the healthy twist to it as well.

In the end, I had cooked Sauteed Mushrooms Bruschetta for the appetizer. I had cooked Potate a la Four for the side. And I had cooked the Milestone Inspired Tomato and Basil Spaghetti.



There were not many difficulties through out my project but I did encounter one: The purchase of different and new ingredients. I had to lose the authentic factor in my dishes because I had to use substitutes. For example the uses of cheese: I had to use mozarella when I was supposed to use a specific type of cheese. I also had to make hard decisions like what recipe to make next. These were the main obstacles I faced throughout my project.

Powerful Learning....

I had learned a lot about the importance of a balanced life by eating healthy and living actively. I am grateful for this opportunity so I could learn to appreciate this more. I am definitely extending this knowledge and keeping it with me for my life so I myself can achieve a perfectly balanced lifestyle.

The research I have done has proven to me that eating and cooking healthy is only beneficial to us. Also I have more of an interest in cooking and that is what I mostly got out of this personal project.



I had completed a very short survey amongst friends to see how teenagers (and others) feel about healthy eating and a balanced lifestyle. Here are the results:
Big image
Big image

Evaluate these sentences

Big image


  • Constant and consistent exercise, usually eating clean (fresh fruits, vegetables, balanced diet, etc.), and moderating the amount of junk food consumed.
  • A healthy lifestyle to me means being able to balance out the things that are good for you. Eating, sleeping, excersize, and enjoying other things should be balanced in your life.
  • A healthy lifestyle is a way of life... It is a decision made by individual. It promotes a long life, and a happy one for that matter. A healthy lifestyle is not only valuable to your physical well-being but also emotional and mental in some cases as eating right and exercising allows the overall quality of one's life to be comparatively better than someone who leads an unhealthy lifestyle.
  • To me a healthy lifestyle is having a nutritious breakfast lunch and dinner and also be physically fit and do some kind of exercise everyday.

And this was my PERSONAL PROJECT...... THANK-YOU!!!