Stress and Health

By: Randall Nance

What is Stress?

In physics, stress is defined as pressure, or a force. But, in psychology, stress is the arousal of one’s mind and body in response to demands made upon them. Stresses forces organisms to adapt or to adjust. Stress can effect ones health and their stature as a person and how they hold their self.

Positive and Negative Stress

Positive Stress- Not all stress is bad. Stress can increase sharpness and motivation and can keep a person alert. This kind of positive stress is called eustress. Positive stress can be a sign that you want to reach a goal or an achievement.

Negative Stress-Negative stress is called distress, which is linked to intense pressure or anxiety that can have effect the organism psychologically and physically.

Some things that may cause stress are...


What effects health?

Health can play a major part in the life of many. But, stress can effect the health of the person living. Some people stress so much that it can actually cause heart problems or their immune system. These things can lead to also causing major headaches like migraine headaches.

Coping with Stress

Defensive coping- may involve socially unaccpetable behavior, running away from the problem.

Active coping- involves chaning the enviornment or situation to remove the stressor.