Caiti "Not so Needy" Stankovich

A day in a digital life

Early Morning Wake Up Call

Drrriiinnnggg! Drrrriiinnnggg!

Regretting the new wake up tone, I slide my hand across the bed to find the phone. Not only is it loud as heck, but bright. After blinding my self, I make a mental note to change the tone later today. Then, I die, "sleeping" until the next alarm. This persists through five more alarms until around seven, when I drag my sorry butt out of bed. From there, I prepare for school, checking my phone once or twice for the time. By about quarter after, I'm somehow awake enough to drive myself to school. I check the time once more, and head out the door.

Day to Day

I get to school and drag myself to the senior lunch room. From there, I get out my laptop to not only check my email and the news but to also to get my snail of a laptop going. For some reason, maybe because it is a cheap freaking laptop, the thing is slow as heck. So, if I do not log on to the school wifi before class, then I will spend half the class getting the laptop ready, wasting valuable time. Because of the government shutdown, I have to check the news, to see if I could go to my internship. I slam my laptop down, in defeat that the government sucks as of this moment. Hearing the six minute bell, I slowly make it to class, to maybe get work done.

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English Class

With going into first period, I see that it is a work day. To me, work day always equals laptop time. As soon as I get it out, I see my battery, slowly draining with every click of a mouse. I sigh. The hyenas of the class attack the electric outlets in order to charge theirs. As class goes on, I do a mixture of work and messing around. I never have just one tab open. I always have to mess around, or else I will stop working and completely mess around. Getting some work done, I leave class to be surrounded by computers.

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JAVA codes

As nessary for my degree when I go to college, I head to AP Computer Science exactly 22 steps from English. In the class we learn of the computer language called JAVA. Though I do struggle a little with the class, I do enjoy it. With this class we learn of GRID WROLD, learning what is basically a little computer game we mess around with. Though I struggle with the class now, I plan on learning a few more computer languages. The more I know the better. Though I should also be completely be paying attention, I also play around some more, simply because, again, I get bored. I'd understand more if I did't play around. As the bell rings, I head over to study hall, in the strange schedule of that day.

OSU Time!

I head to the library, with really nothing to do. I go to the electric outlet, saving my laptop from dying. Because I do not usually have study hall, I decide to play my favorite game, OSU. When I'm not to the school, my scores are shown to the world, and I can see other peoples scores as well. Sometimes I think of the article about the Korean couple who left their baby to die as they played a computer game. I shutter at the though but smile in that I know could never be like that. I normally play for about an hour or two. However, during finals week, I play for around four hours a day. I hate studying so OSU is a great way to avoid it.
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Can You Feel the Music and the Melody?

After study hall, I head up stairs to Government. After the quiz, I listen to my Ipod. Just like my phone, I almost never leave home without it. Whenever we have time in class (and when ever the teacher says so) I immediately get it out. I have over three hundred songs and about ten radio shows on there. With the variety of music, I can listen to many different things, depending on my mood. My music is the one place where I can make my "quiet spot". After Government class, I am free from the gates of school and make my way home for lunch. Not before making a call to my mother, of corse.

Connected by the Wire

As I call my mother on the way home, I notice immediately that my phone battery was about to die. Crap. Almost as fast as Speed Racer I get home quickly. I plug it into the phone charger, almost as if my own life was in danger. My weekly life can almost be traced on when my phone dies. In about five days if I never turn it off. Week if I do for work. It's this never ending battle of making sure I'm always connected, no matter what. Though it isn't a smart phone, it's still my lifeline. My mother and I are always in constant communication, so not having my phone charged is a big no. After a quick lunch and checking movie times online once more, I head over to the movie theater.

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Movie Magic

The Regal Theater is very close to my house. Which is good, since I also work there. But instead of working on a friday afternoon, I decide to see the new movie Rush. Though I don't have to pay, I still get information about me passed in the system. My coworkers put on the screen that they can pass me in and that it's an employee. The box office register tells my coworker how many are in the theater with me. These numbers are then used to see if we will keep that movie for another week. Even the movies themselves are digital, getting rid of film about two years ago. And though I didn't have to use my debit card, I still get data about me transfered in to the system.

Cleaning my Room (sort of...)

After getting home from the very good movie, I am asked by my mom to clean my room. I get upstairs and flick on my laptop, to listen to some music. Along with this motion, I charge my phone again, to get it 100% charged. I work for about a good half hour, getting a least my bed and floor looking decent, before I go to play on my laptop. I can never get homework done in a reasonable time. I alway get trapped by my laptop. I'm almost always on Tumblr, Youtube, or reading some fanfiction. I spend a good hour to hour and a half playing around before I realize it's 6:30 and the game is at 7:00. Without thinking, I grab my phone an head out the door.

Last Minute Checkup and Reflection

During the game, I hardly ever check my phone, mostly to see if my mom has called. Even as my boyfriend and I leave to have dinner, I only check once to see if there are any text or calls. I get home around 10:30, surprised no checkup call from my parents. Though I'm super tired and have a full weekend of working both jobs, I go upstairs on my laptop, one last time. I don't even check for anything special. I mostly go on Tumblr to check to see if any of the blogs I follow have updated yet. By about midnight, I head to bed, not before setting an alarm for the next morning.

With an almost all day connection to not only my computer but also my phone, some good has come out of this. I can get homework done and also talk to my mother, or any other person, but not only calling-but texting and emailing as well. Which is very good. However, I get addicted to anything very easily. I know I have an addiction to the internet. It's unhealthy, causing me to under sleep, and over eat. I also procrastinate like crazy with homework. The Cons outweigh the pros, so I need to work on my addiction, one click of a time.

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