What Did Independence Mean For


What Independence Meant

What Independence Mean?Independence meant that we could have our own country,with local government.It also gives us a chance to prove that Us( Singaporeans ) could run and lead a country to greatness.The British did not let us have independence as they thought we could not run a country,after we were kicked out of the federation we went from third world to first.When Independence was guaranteed , Lee Kuan Yew(former prime minister) ensured that all Singaporeans of different races were treated equally.If we were to still be together with Malaysia all the races would not be treated equally.Malaysia wanted A Malay Malaysia while Singapore wanted a Malaysian Malaysia.The economy was one of the reason why we became independent,the goods from Singapore was compeitition from the goods in Malaysia and the goods from Singapore Wasn't even taxed this led to unfair compeitition between malaysian and singaporean goods.

What caused Indepedence

The Communism threat was one of the reason why Malaysia wanted to separate,they were scared that Singapore would bring communist into their country.During that time an operation know as Operation Coldstore was launched it's goal was to cripple the communist organisation as they were threatening Singapore's and Malaysia's internal security.In 1964,the racial riots happened Up to 25 000 Muslims were celebrating Prophet Muhammad's birthday with a religious procession.When around 5 p.m the riots broke out and a curfew was set at 9.30pm. Singapore and Malaysia could not settle their differences thus,they seperated and Singapore Became independent.