The Plainsmen Press- Parent Edition

A look around Wheelock Elementary- October


We are super proud of our amazing Wheelock Plainsmen students and all of the hard work they've been doing this 1st 9 weeks. We are anxious for each of them to show off all that they've been learning as they take their October Istation Assessment and their 1st 9 Weeks District Assessments. Please encourage your students to rest well and work hard as they take their assessments in coming week.

We are also extremely proud of all of our students who are working hard to be problem solvers when they are in conflict with their classmates. Ask your student about the peace pathway in the gym. You'll be so impressed with how well they are able to resolve conflict amongst themselves! We will continue to encourage all students to show Plainsmen PRIDE by being Positive Responsible, showing Integrity, being Determined, and Empowered.

Ask your students who we are and what we need! You'll hear them proudly shout that we're the Positive Plainsmen and that we need 16 more! Our wildly important goal this year is for each student to grow 16 points from the beginning of the year to the end on each assessment they take. We encourage them that they will meet that goal if they continue to get 1% better everyday!

We would like to remind all families that the school day starts at 7:45a. When students arrive after 7:45a, they are missing instruction. Multiple days of tardies result in an absence. Please, please, please get your children to school on time.


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***This calendar is not an exhaustive list! Please watch your child's folder, our marquee and Wheelock social media pages for updates/additions!
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Important Reminders

-Our doors open at 7:15a. Please do not drop your child off prior to that time.

-The tardy bell rings at 7:45a. Please have your child on campus with enough time to eat breakfast and begin learning at 7:45a. Tardy students miss instruction. We have had far too many students late each day.

-If your child must be absent, you must call to let us know. Call 806-219-7200 to report all absences.

-Cell phones are not permitted to be used during the school day. They must be off and put away. If students have them our or are using them, they will be taken up.

Visiting campus

You are WELCOME in our building! Thank you for helping us to ensure the safety of all of our students and staff! If you plan to visit a classroom or have lunch with your student, you will be required to sign in with your picture ID. If you are picking up a student early or from PK, the same expectation is in place. All pickup and drop offs will take place through the front entrance. All visitors must wear a badge that indicates they have signed in.
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We are excited to welcome families to campus to enjoy our holiday meals! Save the dates below-

Thanksgiving Meal- November 16th- PreK, 1st Grade, 3rd Grade and 5th Grade

Christmas Meal- December 14th- Kinder, 4th Grade, 2nd Grade