PTSD Cause and Effects


You used to be in the army. A bomb explodes right in front of you. You fly back injured and horrified. Then you realize it's just your microwave going off. This is a case of PTSD. There are many causes to PTSD and many effects.


There is being in the military, crime or accident. All of these and more can be triggers to PTSD. This can leave you with horrible flashbacks. Also sounds that are similar in your threatening experience brings back terrifying flashbacks too.


Men and women from the military go through some kind of traumatic drama to cause PTSD. This is because they probably experienced a life threatening experience. This causes PTSD because this memory that is life threatening is causing PTSD bad memory's alot of stress. A lot of Vietnam veterans have a case of PTSD because of this horrific war.

Victims of crime

Also victims of crimes usually have PTSD. This is because they may have been held hostage or saw someone die that was held hostage thinking oh no I'm next. Another cause of PTSD is if you are in the military. For example if you were in Vietnam and a bomb exploded in front of you. Fast forward to present time and you hear a microwave go off and the microwave sounds like the bomb and have a flashback of the bomb exploding right in front of you. These are some causes and effects of PTSD.

The Conclusion

In Conclusion a lot has or going to happened in your life. If you get in a traumatic accident, crime or military or experience child abuse you possibly have PTSD. But child abuse is a different story.