Bowling Tournament

February 3, 3072

Don't miss out on this benefit for Brian Pickett, who broke his leg and can't afford a cast. This is a chance-of-a-lifetime tournament in which you will get to show your bowling prowess, as well as support a hard-working man. Are you skilled enough to win the title of champion?

Bowling for Brian

Wednesday, Feb. 3rd, 7pm

Bowling Alley Alley Balton, New Hampshire

The cost is twenty dollars, but more money will be necessary if you wish to purchase food. Tips are accepted and encouraged. Wear your best bowling clothes and your luckiest bracelet. Don't forget socks!!!
6-6:30- Arrive at Bowling Alley

6:30-7- Prepare to start game (obtain shoes, pay, etc.)

7-8:30- Determine the champion

8:30- Leave