Greenwich Twp. School Board Brief

Regular Board Meeting May 10, 2022

Board Brief

The following information is intended to inform staff and community members of recent action taken by the Board. The information included in this brief is not intended to be a complete summary and does not replace official Board minutes.


Mrs. Susan Vernacchio - School Board President

Mrs. Erin Herzberg - School Board Vice-President
Mr. Andrew Chapkowski

Mr. John T. Goetaski

Mrs. Roseanne Lombardo

Mrs. Meghann Myers

Mrs. Fiona Paterna

Highlights from the Greenwich Township School District Board of Education Regular Meeting May 10, 2022

Enrollment: 429

1. Superintendent Recommendations Approved
A. Reappointment of Mark Vogeding as Summer Help Coordinator, 6/14/22-8/31/22, at rate of $17.00 per hour.
B. Reappointment of Luke Franklin and Mitchell Leslie as Summer Custodians, 6/16/22 - 8/31/22, at a rate of $13.00 per hour.

C. Approved Daniel Giorgianni and Stacy Podolski as HIB Coordinators, each building, for the 22-23 school year at a stipend of $500.00 each.

D. Approved the following teachers as Homebound Instructors for 22-23 school year at a stipend of $35.00 per hour, not to exceed 10 hours per week: Andrew Mettler

E. Approval to hire Christina Rappold as a Substitute Teacher, for the remainder of the 21-22 school year, at a rate of $125.00 per day.

F. Approved the following staff members as Bulldog Summer Camp Instructors at a rate of $35.00 per hour, 7/5/22-7/28/22, 4 days per week: Bethanne Barousse, Lauren Ernst, Daniel Giorgianni, Sean Keane, Nicole Leach, Nicole McGann, Ryan McVeigh, Melissa Mortimer, Stacey Ridinger, Michael Snyder, Alexa Wright

G. Approval of the following staff to the ESY program: Tara Reale, Kathy Seacrist, and Eileen O'Donnell - $35.00 per hour for teaching staff and $17.50 for aides, 7/5/22 -7/28/22 for a total of 16 days.

H. Approval of the following staff members to the ScIP Committee, at rate of $35.00 per hour as necessary for the 2022-2023 school year: Bethanne Barousse, Stephanie Beckett, Nicole McGann, Andrew Mettler, Melissa Mortimer, Patricia New

I. Approval of 2022-2023 Extracurricular Clubs and Advisors

J. Approval of 2022-2023 Grade Level Chairpersons at a stipend of $300.00 each: Kiley Barker, Carlyn Exley, Sandi Nastase, Suzanne Pezzino, Annelise Walker, Nicole McGann, Stacy Anuszewski, Bethanne Barousse

K. Recommend two nonpublic students, local residents, to attend the 2022 Bulldog Summer Camp.

L. Approval of full-time Aides to assist with Extracurricular Clubs, upon request of the Advisor, for the 2022-2023 school year, at a rate of $17.50 per hour.

M. Approval of the following staff members for use of accrued personal days, above 3 in a year: Melissa Mortimer, Maria Santos, Janet Jachimowicz-Geary, Annelise Walker

N. Approval of Kiley Barker to host a Rowan student for their Clinical Practice I and II

O. Approval of Course Reimbursement from Alexa Wright, for MA program through Rowan University, two courses for the Fall and Winter of 2022.

2. Policy/Regulations
A. One policy for abolishment.

3. Curriculum & Instruction

A. Rehearsal for Spring Concert, 5/24/22, pending cost of bussing.

B. Workshop for Gerardo Batista, Buildings & Grounds Supervisor, Mt. Laurel, NJ, 5/19/22, Educational Seminar & Mini Expo, $0 plus mileage.

4. Budget & Finance

A. Approval of Agreement to provide Non-Public Technology Purchasing for the 2022-2023 school year with Gloucester County Special Services School District.

B. Approval of Agreement to provide Non-Public Textbook Purchasing for the 2022-2023 school year with Gloucester County Special Services School District.

C. Approval of contract for the Management of Food Services Program by Nutri-Serve Food Management, Inc., for the 2022-2023 school year for $22,962.00.

5. Report of the School Business Administrator/Board Secretary- Approved

A. Bills Lists - #68-2022 through #70-2022

6. New Business

A. Mrs. Theresa Lewis, Field Representative from NJSAB, spoke of current updates and Board planning

7. Correspondence
A huge thank you to TummyTee LLC in Gibbstown for providing t-shirts to the 8th Grade for their trip. This will make their day even extra special!

B. Diane Shirley, Teacher BSS, sent a Thank you to the Board and Administrators for the Teacher Appreciation gift of the clipboard!

8. Public Session - None

9. Executive Session - Yes

10.Adjournment : Meeting was adjourned at approximately 7:32 pm

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Next Regular Board of Education meeting is scheduled for TUESDAY, June 14, 2022, at 6:30 pm.

**Please note there is no Board meeting in the month of July

The schedule for the 2022 Board of Education meetings is available on our website.

Please note all meetings are on Tuesdays.