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Harmony Science Academy-Waco

March 24, 2021 Issue 21

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest. Benjamin Franklin

STAR STUDENT for this week......

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Looking Ahead: Important Dates

3/24-Regional Spelling Bee

3/29-School Pictures

4/2-Student/Staff Holiday

4/6-4th Grade STAAR Writing Test for in-person students

4/13-4th Grade STAAR Writing Test for ALL virtual students

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Picture Day!

Monday, March 29th, 8am

1900 North Valley Mills Drive

Waco, TX

Order your pictures at mylifetouch.com
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This week our theme is I Can Create. We will explore forms of creative expression including movement, painting, drawing, and sculpting with play dough. We will learn number 20 and practice counting 20 objects. We will also review the shapes and letters we have learned. -Mrs. Vasquez

This week in Pre-KB we are reviewing letters A-T, learning number 20, learning sight word (see), working with rhyming words, and reviewing all basic shapes and colors.-Ms. Bateman

This week in Pre-K C, we are learning the letter T, the number 20, how to add two numbers, and about nature all around us. Ms. Ingroum


This week in English we are learning about digraphs. Digraphs are 2 letters that come together to make 1 sound. Examples are: sh, ch, ph, th, wh, ck. PLEASE continue to work on letters and sounds, it's extremely important to build those foundational skills for reading and being prepared for first grade. Words to know this week are: back, let, were, what. In math we will be completing our addition unit and begin our subtraction unit. Please continue to practice counting numbers from 1-100. In science, we will continue with living and nonliving things. Social Studies focus will be on rights and responsibilities. Have a wonderful week and as always, thank you for your help and support at home!

-Kindergarten Team

1st Grade

This week we are learning about parts of plants. We will focus on words with the long i sound. In math we are working on 3D shapes. Please continue to check Schoology for missing assignments. Thank you for all you do!

2nd Grade

Math- We will finish up our unit over fractions on Wednesday. We will have our curriculum-based assessment over fractions on Thursday. Please make sure that your child is present every day and on time. Let’s finish this year off strong. If your child is learning from school, please make sure that they bring a water bottle every day to class. -Ms. Lester

ELA-This week we will be working on spelling words with the /ou/ and /ow/ sounds. We will be continuing unit 8 and working on alphabetical order. Students will be reviewing the difference between internal and external character traits. Please make sure students are reading for at least 20 minutes each day! -Ms. Brown

This week students will be studying food chains and the impact all living things have on other living things. Please check Dojo regularly and make sure students are completing all assignments with a 70 or higher.-Mrs. A. Martinez

2A/2C ELA- This week we will start Week 2 of Module 8: Time to Grow. We are reviewing the ou and ow sound. For grammar, we are reviewing irregular verbs and for writing, we are learning how to write a procedural text. Remember Fridays are test days, which count for a lot of the overall grade. It’s crunch time! Please be present and on time EVERY DAY! BRING A WATER BOTTLE EVERY DAY!!!!! -Ms. B.Martinez

3rd Grade

This week in 3rd grade math we will be working on finding the perimeter and area of polygons. Please check class Dojo and schoology for announcements! -Ms. Curtis

ELA- This week we will be spelling words with the prefix re-, un- and the suffix -ness, -less. We will be writing an essay on what students are most passionate about. We will continue to review the author's purpose for writing a text using PIE. Please make sure students are reading for at least 20 minutes each day. -Ms. Brown

This week students will be continuing their unit on Earth's systems. We will be studying ocean and grassland ecosystems. Please check Dojo regularly and make sure students are completing all assignments with a 70 or higher. -Mrs. A. Martinez

4th Grade

We will wrap up our Geometry unit this week with our unit test on Thursday. Then, we will begin our next unit: Measurements! --Ms. McCaig

This week students will be continuing their unit on the Earth. We will be studying weathering, erosion, and deposition. Please make sure all STEMscopes assignments are completed and turned in! Please check Dojo regularly and make sure students are completing all assignments with a 70 or higher. -Mrs. A. Martinez

We will be having a STAAR writing camp! Students will complete different writing activities to prepare for the writing STAAR test. -Mrs. Driver and Ms. Swanner

5th Grade

In social studies, we are describing regions in the United States based on physical characteristics such as landform, climate, and vegetation. The students are expected to recognize how landforms are the result of changes to Earth’s surface.

In science, we are reviewing “Uses of Energy” (5.6A). The students are expected to explore the uses of energy, including mechanical, light, thermal, electrical, and sound energy.-Mr. Walton

Dear Parents and Guardians,

We just finished up Quarter 3 on Friday and report cards have been mailed this week. Please remember to check the Dojo for all communication with your student's teacher. This week in reading we will be working on text structure in a story and the author's purpose of a text. Attendance remains very important this year as required by the State of Texas, so be sure your student is completing exit tickets each day by 11:59 pm. Students should be on time to zoom with their camera on and actively participating. Remind students of the importance of finishing assignments in a timely manner to stay caught up on the lessons.

Thank you for all you do!-Mrs. Dunford

Hello 5th-grade parents and guardians! We are continuing our unit on data analysis. The students will use data to create a table, write ordered pairs, and plot the points on a coordinate grid. We will also move into creating and analyzing bar graphs, dot plots, and stem and leaf plots. Please check to make sure your child is completing their work in Schoology, including exit tickets and 2 Aleks topics each day. Thanks for all you do! -Ms. Piscacek

If your student is absent, email the doctor's note to the attendance clerk (imeza@harmonytx.org) fax or drop the note inside the box outside the office by the window. Reminder: students have until 11:59 pm to submit the exit ticket to receive attendance credit for that day.