My Poems


Mouse Run

The mouse

ran for centuries

in the year 1902

because he was so


5 W hyperbole lines 1,2


Snow came creeping in the cold climate

Nughty kids cry when they get clumps of coal

Open the worm door

Winter was crawling in and ripging the fall air out

Minty hot coco

Eat the cookies pleas santa

Nice list is not good it is amazing

Acrostic alliteration lines 1,2

small tall

She is a tall tower

The tower is the size of a small flower

You are a tall giant

Limerick metaphor lines 1,2,3,5


I found a puppy

It looks like a fuzz ball

To keep me happy

she grabed my arm and gave my a hug

See What I Found personification lines 4,5


wish woo the elf on the shelf wishes and woos through the house up and down the stairs wish woo the elf on the shelf goes

Free Verse Onomatopoeia lines 1,2,3,6


roughof the red nose reindeer 9

fuzzy puppy

elf on the shelf

snowman 31



I am Rudolph

I see bright, shiny, red glistening lights

I hear the lovely sounds of sleigh bells ringing

I love snow because it is like soft vanilla ice cream

I feared the other reindeers

I hate the white, furry Ambondinable Snowman

I remember when I got my shiny apple like nose

I believe in myself to guide Santa's sleigh

I am Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer

I am Simile lines 6, 7