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Whether you're passionate about game-based learning or just getting your toes wet, Gaming in Ed celebrates the value that games offer in educational settings: a safe environment for taking on new roles, opportunities for creative problem solving and experimenting, and learning from failure. When done well, games can foster collaboration, strengthen critical and systems thinking, pose adaptive challenges, and spark inquiry. With guidance from educators, students aren't just players, but critical evaluators of games and game designers themselves.

Presented by the Project, this conference offers a variety of perspectives, from educators and game developers to researchers and administrators. Our goal is to have you walk away with practical information and inspiration for furthering game-based learning in class and beyond.

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Keynote Speakers

  • Barbara Chamberlin

  • Michael Levine

  • Marianne Malmstrom

  • Peggy Sheehy

  • Peter Stidwill

  • Dan White