by MIchael


Native animal

The only native animal in Morocco is the Barbary ape and it is extremely rare. The reason why Morocco only have one native animal is because they border similar countries. The reason why the Barbary ape stays is because of the mountain range in Morocco.


There are 28 million livestock animals in Morocco including mules, horses and camels. More common are sheep, goats and cattle. Mountain sheep are wild and roam in the Atlas mountains.


Morocco has over 450 species of birds. A rare bird is the critically endangered Northern Bald lbis.

Major cities

The capital city of Morocco is Rabat. The population of Rabat is approximately 1.2 million. The largest city in Morocco is Casablanca. The population of Casablanca is around 5 million. (population data from 2012).

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Major rivers

Two of Morocco's major rivers are the Moulouya and the Sebou. Both are mainly used for drinking water and irrigation.

Highest mountain

The highest peak in Morocco is Mt Djebl Toubkal. There is always snow in top of the mountain no matter what season it is. The mountain is 4.167 km tall.

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Morocco is east of the Atlantic ocean. it is in the north west corner of Africa. It is south of Spain by 17.4 km, with the strait of Gibraltar. It is west of Algeria and Morocco covers an area of 447 000 square kilometres.

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The Moroccan flag was first made in November 17 1915. It has a green star in the middle of a red background. The red background means the nation's history. And the green star in the centre symbolises the religions as the star of Solomon.

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The population of Morocco in 2012 was approximately 32 million, compared to Australia which is 22 906 400.