Want a family day out getting fit? Well, You've came to the right place! Mallusk playing feilds is always looking for new members! Have one hour of family fun getting fit! Its free! So come now! Great for the children! starts at 2 every sunday at Mallusk playing Feilds! REMEMBER to bring your own bottle of water! New activity for kids each week!

details about clothes and weather

suitable clothes and foot wear MUST be worn and always bring a coat. It depends on the weather if its on or not so make sure you keep track of the weather. More details will come this sunday.

Junior athletes

Junior athletes looking to get involved in some races, the McConnell Shield Cross-Country, Ballyclare, Six-mile water park. its on November 3rd 2012 so lots of time to prepare. Its a nice low-key event and its a great way to start of if your new to running. give it a go!!