Life of Lysander

Finessed Out of Love.

There is magic in the world

There is magic in the world, evidence of my point is Lysander's love because his first love was Hermia but a magical spell was given by Puck to change his love to Helena. "This is the woman, but not this the man"(Act 3) This explains how they were purposely to place magic in someone but it was misplaced into Lysander which flipped the love he had for Hemia to the next person he see's which can be anyone.

People's emotions usually control how they act

People emotions do change how they act because after Lysander was spelled he fell in love with Helena and he was getting in between her an Demetrius which made them begin to argue and Lysander wanted to fight to the death for her which made him give his life to this girl that he just fell in love with today. "If thou say so, withdraw. and prove it too" (Act 3 Scene 2) This is where Demetrius says he loves Helena more then Lysander gets raged then tells him to withdraw his weapon and fight him for Helena which shows his emotions turned him to a pretty crazy person.
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People's actions can influence other people's lives

People's actions do affect other people's lives such as Lysander loving Hermia then being spelled to love Helena changed Hermia's description of her self and she became to get low self-esteem and self confidence because he just left her and he is fighting for another women when she just wanted him dead. "It cannot be but thou hast murder'd him; So should a murderer look so dead, so grim." (Act 4 Scene 2) She became to want nothing from him but to be dead she wanted him murdered violently which shows that Lysander's actions influenced Hermia to become a murderer.