By: Michaela Chambers

Why do you think people should visit Croatia?

People should visit Croatia because the waterfalls in Plit Vice National Park, are beautiful and its a favorite destination for tourists to go.

Was Croatia a founder of the EU?

No Croatia was not one of the founders of the EU, the 6 founders were:







But Croatia joined the EU in 2013.

Some Physical Features:

About the Croatia Flag:

Breif History of the Croatia Flag

The horizontal bands of red white & blue represent the Croatian coat of arms; The checkerboards surrounded with five smaller shields. The five smaller shields represent five historic regions (Croatia,Dubrovnik,Dalmatia,Istria, and Slavonia).

Where is Croatia located including the surroundings?

Croatia is located in between Bosnia & Herzegovina and Slovenia near the Adriatic Sea.
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The capital of Croatia is Zagreo and the major cities are Sisak,Pula,Split, and Rijeka

What type of government does Croatia has?

Parliamentary Democracy

3 Interesting Facts

  1. Croatia is slightly smaller than West Virginia
  2. The military service age is 18-27 years of military
  3. There population is: 4,470,534