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Great Gators!

No matter how many years I live in this world of education, the level of energy that is exuded to go from day one with students to fall break will always amaze me. Now I am not saying that other professions don't require some real stamina ( I'm sure I am biased here), but the physical, emotional, and mental energy you bring to the classroom as you launch your year is to be commended. Your students are so very fortunate to have you pulling for them for these 180 days. I hope you all enjoyed "small moments" for yourself on your fall break. - Megan

FEATURE TEACHERS - The halls of GES are filled with expert educators. Here, Ms. Lacy Rose and Miss Cassi Schmitt get kids thinking "OUT OF THE BOX" as they team up for PBL.

A 9 yr old's cardboard arcade sparked a global movement of creativity and Miss Schmitt's class decided to participate.

From Miss Schmitt:

Students researched, drafted, and produced a supply list for their product; then they came up with a name for their game. I emailed parents to ask them to send in their recycles, and within 24 hours, we had everything we needed. The rest was up to the kids!

Two parent volunteers (including my dad!) joined us. I was amazed how this project hit multiple standards: measurement, place value, engineering, writing, and reading! This global-thinking challenge was so much fun for students to share with parents at conferences. Second graders also created QR codes to attach to the game to access and learn the rules.

This project is on-going! Second graders created an IMovie to send to Mrs. Thomas about options for executing the arcade. We are thinking about making the games an incentive for students. Stay tuned for the finished product of GATOR ARCADE...

From Ms. Rose:

"My students watched the video, Caine's Arcade, that inspired Ms Schmitt’s class. Schmitt's students had already planned and built some amazing games. My students immediately got to work planning out games they wanted build with 2nd graders.

When we arrived to Ms. Schmitt’s class, her students asked my fourth graders to test the games out and make sure they were working properly. It was awesome to watch second and fourth graders form bond with their buddy over something that was so unique and completely their own.

Once the students tested the games they were allowed to build a new game. I was floored when I heard the conversations happening between the students. One students was explaining his game to a second grader and the little girl started asking what materials they wanted to use. My student replied with, “Well, what do you think we should use?” The two began discussing the pro’s and con’s of thicker cardboard and a thin cardboard. This is not the first STEM project we have buddied up for, but it is definitely the biggest and the most inspiring.

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Ms. Smith (3rd) and Mrs. Dawdy (K)

Together we're better! When Mrs. Dawdy's students earned five of the coveted "Silver Spoon" awards in the Gator Cafe, what did they want? Spheros, of course! This is where Ms. Smith and her third graders stepped in to help. Ms. Smith reminded her class that the kindergarteners would need to learn by doing. Collaboration, chaos, conversation - yes!
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Documentation - Let the Walls Tell the Story

Two examples of a fourth grade classroom in HSE in which the teacher is making shifts in student work. Making our thinking visual...what do you think?
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Getting down to business. Feel like taking a closer look at our standards straight from the IDOE? If you use the hyperlinks below, you can look at standards by grade level or with vertical articulation. What about taking time as quarter two begins to comb through these to see where you are?

Click here to access the most up-to-date ELA standards from the IDOE.

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Click here to access the most up-to-date SCIENCE & COMPUTER-SCIENCE standards from the IDOE.

Click here to access the most up-to-date SOCIAL STUDIES standards from the IDOE.

Have a strategy, professional book, or instructional idea about which you feel passionately? Maybe YOU should be our next "Feature Teacher"!