Genetic Revision Morality

An Exercise In Regarding Taboo Organic Engineering

The Science of Genetically Modified Food

What the Ferp are GMFS?

GMF's are Genetically Modified Foods, in which you take all the cool DNA parts of animals and plants and insertificate the DNA into plants you want to gain those attributes.

Is It Beneficial?

Well, I guess, you can get tomatoes with longer shelf life, ones that don't die when it gets pesticide on it,

Is it Harmful?

Well, potentially, since strains of DNA are copyrighted now, it's hard to get information on them, but studies show that rats that ate modified soybeans produce less digestive enzymes so that's probably bad

Why Does the Almighty Bob Think About This?

It's definately a logical step up from past farming techniques and the only opposition besides hypothetical health threats are that it's "unnatural" and people are against change

Work Sighted

All Information from Hank Green's "The Science of Genetically Modified Food"